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May 22, 2013
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It had been a rather rough day. At school, you'd been shoved into a locker by a compete bitch -causing you to drop your (f/c) folder that held all of your work, drawings and other things onto the floor. It took you quite a while to gather up those scattered sheets of paper, and that resulted in being late to class, which then led to being shouted at by a your teacher.

You let out a sigh, clutching your folder close to your chest, your arms around the binder -somewhat hugging it. You were now on your walk home from school, which usually lasted about 2 hours. You recently moved into a new house, which was inconveniently far from your school. Not to mention the fact that you had to walk on the edge of the woods. The silencee quite often creeped you out, and more than one you had the feeling that you were being watched by someone in amongst the trees.

A single drop of water landed on your cheek, running down like a saddened tear. Again, you sighed as more water suddenly started to rain from the sky. Lucky you, you didn't have an umbrella. Within seconds, you were soaked through, and the chilling feeling started to seep inside of your body. It was pretty obvious that you were going to develop a cold after this. 

You groaned in annoyance, rolling your eyes at your misfortune. Could nothing go right today!? 
A dark shadow hovered over your form, and you suddenly realised that you were no longer getting wet by the rain. The rain still thundered down around you, except, it was not hitting you. A small smile crossed your lips as you thought that someone must have came with an umbrella and decided to help you.
You turned around, only to bump into something black. Whoever it was, was pretty damned tall. You staggered back, your eyes suddenly opening in shock as you stared up at the 'thing'. It was hard to tell what it was. It looked like a man, but, surely this couldn't be human!? He was as tall as a medium sized tree, he wore what appeared to be a large suit - to fit his large body - and he had no face. No eyes; no mouth; just a small indent of a nose.
The tall being lifted his hand above you head, making you flinch, thinking that he was going to grab you or something else along those lines. Instead, he held his large hand above your head, his slender fingers shielding you from the pounding rain.
Once over the initial shock, realising that he was not going to hurt you, you relaxed. He stared at you - although, can a person with no eyes really stare? It is impossible to know for sure. Can he see you somehow?
Slenderman lifted his other hand, pointing in the distance behind you. Glancing over your shoulder, you saw that he was pointing at your home, which appeared to be only a mile away. He then started walking, going around you and heading in the direction of your house.
You stared aftaer the strange being, completely dumnfounded. He took roughly 4 steps away, before turning around again. Even without a face, he seemed somewhat puzzled and confused. "What...?" You asked quietly, narrowing your eyes.
He pointed at the house again, and then at you, and then back at the house. It took you a little while to realise that he was going to walk you home, and once you realised this you bounded after him. Slenderman started walking again, holding his hand above your head to shield you from the rain.
It was silent on the walk to your house, and it took roughly 5 minutes. Slenderman walked at quite a fast pace - probably thanks to his long legs - so you had a struggle keeping up with him. Although, if you got too far behind, he'd stop and wait for you to catch up.
Now, standing on the steps of your house, you glanced over your shoulder, noticing that Slenderman was no longer beside you. He stood at the edge of the woods, staring at you through his expressionless face. You smiled and waved, shouting a 'thank you'.
He lifted up one abnormally long arm, waving it above his head. And after that, he dissapeared from your site and within the forest.
You just hoped you'd see this 'Slenderman' again.
I made a slenderman x reader. WHAT IS MY LIFE!?

Cute Slender is cute. :iconslendermandanceplz:

Part 2: [link]
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