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April 10, 2013
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"Hey Norge," Denmark grinned, poking the side of the Norwegian's cheek with the tip of his finger. "Hey Norge," you repeated, poking the other side. "Hey Norge," both you and the Dane said in sync.

Norway sat on an armchair, and much to his displeasure he was being tortured. Tortured by what, you ask? He was being tortured by an idiot All he wanted was to just sit down, take a rest and read. But oh no, he couldn't even have something as simple as that. He wasn't asking to rule to the world. He wasn't even asking for Denmark's head to implode - even though that would be highly amusing. Was it really too much to ask for peace and quiet?

"Hey Norge," Denmark started the annoying routine all over again, attacking Norway's left cheek with his 'devil finger'. You copied the Dane's actions, but you were attacking Norway's right cheek instead.

The Norwegian was struggling to keep his usual emotionless face, and you noticed that as he stared down at the book of fairy tales in his hands, his right eye was twitching madly. However, you and Denmark still continued.

"Hey Norge."
"Hey Norge."
"Hey Lukas."
"Hey Lukas."
"Hey Dude."
"Will you go away?" Norway finally responded, looking up from his book, letting out an annoyed sigh. He turned his gaze towards the Danish man at his right, shooting him a 'WTF' look. As always, the blame was directed at Denmark. Truthfully, Norway just couldn't blame you. Even if he did, you'd just show him an irresistibly cute puppy-face.

Denmark grinned and shook his head. "Nope."

A giggle sounded from the other side of the chair, and Norway found his face heating up. He slowly turned his head to see you smirking, and trying to hold in that adorable giggle of yours. "Whatcha doin~?" You tilted your head to the side in an insanely cute way - only for Norway's blush to darken.

"Reading," he turned away, burying his face back into his book. "So go away."

A few moments passes, and the Norwegian was sure that he had been left alone and that he could finally get some peace. He relaxed, leaning back in his chair, eyes following the printed words on the pages on his book.

"Hey Norge," you and Denmark started again, causing Norway to slam his book closed, throw it onto the coffee table and rub his temples in annoyance. "What.Do.You.Want?" He growled each word out separately through gritted teeth.

"Play with us," you smirked. Norway's face broke out into mad blushing for the second time. There was more than one way to interpret your request, and the first thing that sprung to his mine was the dirty one. "Yeah, we're bored," Denmark sighed. Norway sunk deeper into his chair, the blush on his face leaving as quickly as it came.
"Then go bother Sweden," he muttered.
"Sve kicked us out," you pouted.
"Then bother Finland."
"Fin is with Sve," Denmark folded his arms.
"Then bother Iceland."
"Your brother sent us here," you grinned, causing Norway to groan in response. There was no way you'd leave him alone. He was stuck with the both and the Dane.

"Then what do you expect me to do?" He muttered sarcastically.
"Entertain us," the Dane beside him chuckled.
"No," his answer was simple. However, Denmark decided to push him further.
"Then stop being boring."
"Read to us."
"You're not little kids."
"Draw us an elf."
"Draw us a unicorn that has its head stuck up Nyan cat's ass."
"What? No."
"Have incest with Ice."
"Ew, and definitely not."
"Give us money."
"Say 'I'm stupid'."
"You're stupid."
"Hey! That's not nice!"
"You admitted it first."
"Shut...up..." you yawned. "Both of you are giving me a headache..."

Both males  turned their heads to see a rather cute sight. You had your head rested on the arm of the chair and your hands were sleepily pawing at yours eyes, fighting sleep. It would seem that Denmark and Norway went on for quite a while.

"A-Are you tired?" Norway mentally slapped himself for stuttering - but what you were doing was almost too cute to handle. Suddenly, a scatter of feet was heard. Norway turned his head to see that Denmark had escaped - probably to raid the fridge. His timing was horrible. Now Norway was...alone with you...

"I'm fine..." you muttered, staring up at him through a half lidded gaze.

Norway found himself practially melting at the sight of you. "I find that doubtful," Norway concluded. "I'm fine," you whined, waving your arm slowly and sleepily in front of his face. "I told you.. I'm....f..fine.."

A small smile played onto the Norwegian's usually straight face as he stared down at your half-asleep form. He sighed happily as he noticed your eyes slowly fluttering closed. "(Your Name)?" He asked, waiting to see if you would respond. However, you were fully asleep, so no response came.

Norway stood up from his sitting position on his chair, before leaning over your form. "Come on vakker [1]," he smiled, lifting you up into his arms in a bridal style lift.

He carried you up the wooden stairs, stopping in front of his bedroom door. What harm could it do to put you on his bed? Putting you on Denmark's was out of the question. Finland would probably have been the best choice, but instead he decided to put you on his. He kicked the door open gently with his foot, heading into the room quietly and carefully placing you on the comfortable covers that were printed with the Norwegian flag.

"God natt min kjære [2]" He smiled lightly, placing a small kiss on your forehead. He pulled the overs up, tucking your sleeping form into the bed. Just as he turned to leave, he heard a faint whisper. He turned back around, seeing that you were still asleep.

"Norway..." You called out, grasping onto the pillow in your sleep. The Norwegian's face automatically heated up at the mention of his name. "D-Don't leave me," you mumbled, and Norway was beginning to question whether you were actually asleep, but indeed you were. "D-Don't l-leave me w-with D-Den..."

"That's reasonable," Norway muttered. No one in their right minds would want to be a alone with him. "D-Don't go... I l-love you."

Norway found that his breath had suddenly been taken away from him. He took one shaky step towards the bed, waiting to see if you were done talking. "I love you," you muttered again, clutching onto the pillow. Norway could no longer account for his actions. He lay down on the other side of the bed, wrapping his arms around you waist and dragging you closer to his chest.

You woke up from the sudden movement, and sleepily lifting your head you locked gaze with Norway's beautiful blue eyes. You were startled momentarily at the fact that he had his arms wrapped around you, and that you were pressed up against his chest.

The Norwegian raked a hand through your (h/c) hair, planting another small kiss on your forehead. "Jeg elsker deg [3]," he breathed.
"W-What?" You stuttered, not understanding anything of what he was saying.
"I love you."
"Y-You do?"
"More than anything."
"I-I....I...I love y-you too..."
"I know."
"You talk in your sleep min kjære [4]"
" never knew that..."
"Well, now you do. But, I have a request.."
"What?" You asked, confused.
"Go back to sleep."
"What? Why?"
"You look cute when you're sleeping..."


[1] beautiful
[2] Good night my dear
[3] I love you
[4] My dear

I can't believe I did ANOTHER Norway one-shot. I can't help it.. Norway's like, my favourite character. Although, I do like Iceland a lot as well. But anyway, when I wrote the 'Go back to sleep' the only thing I was thinking was HOLY HELL IT'S JEFF. Me = Person who is obsessed with creepypasta.
So I got one done... I think I'm too obsessed with Norway...And Iceland.. But mostly Norway.. So anyway, I hope you guys like this one. Please comment and etc.
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Fem-PrussiaFTW Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  New member Student Artist
"Have incest with Ice"
Do it.
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You know those moments when you just wanna embrace someone?
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"Draw us a unicorn with its head up nyan cats ass"
...One of those moments...
Dozzard Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
Have incest with Icey?Iaughed so hard :-D
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"Draw us a unicorn that has its head stuck up Nyan cat's ass."
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I read raw a unicorn with its head in nyan cats ass and was laughing on the floor until it said that I was sleepy. The sad thing about that is that I was lying on my bed.
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