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May 26, 2013
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Eyeless Jack turned around, eyebrow twitching beneath his mask. Couldn't he just take a walk around the house in peace!? What would it be this time? Smile Dog attacked BEN? Masky turned into a cannibal? Slender Man is making out with a human? 

"What do you wa-" he started, but was cut off as a body collided with his own. "(Y-Your name)!?" He gasped out, cheeks flushing beneath his dark blue mask. Why? Why of all people, was it the one girl he had a crush on?

(Your name) yelped and ran behind the male, but before he could turn as well she grasped onto the back of his hoodie. She buried her face into his back, her cat ears twitching, tickling his shoulder blades. 

Jack narrowed his eyes, concluding that she was obviously attempting to hide from something. He shifted his gaze forward to stare down the dark hallway from whence she had came, and saw a figure striding towards them. 

"(Your name!)" The black haired male called, stumbling forward, grinning like a complete psychopath. Although, Jeff was indeed a psychopath, so calling him one was not at all lying. Jack reached upwards, pushing his mask up the slightest - only revealing his mouth. "What are you doing Jeff?" He questioned, letting his hand drop back down to his side, feeling (your name)'s grip on the back of his hoodie tighten. 

"I want to play with the kitty~!"Jeff let out a loud laugh. "But the little kitty cat keeps running away," his smile never faultered - although he could never really stop smiling anyway thanks to his carved grin. 

"He tried to cut off my tail!" (Your name) whined from behind Jack, her thin (hair colour) tail swishing behind her. 

Jack found himself growling. 'How dare he! How could someone want to do that!? Why would someone even TRY to do that!? What's more, he couldn't do it to a normal cat. Oh NO! He just HAD to go for one that I just so happen to like!' Jack thought, and he could feel his fists clenching by his sides.

"Why would you try and.... remove her tail?" He attempted to speak calmy, but found it hard because Jeff had released yet another, annoyingly obnoxious laugh. "It was annoying me," Jeff stated simply. "The way it kept swaying about, almost taunting me," Jeff said darkly, casting his gaze to the shuddering half cat behind Jack. 

"That wasn't my fault!" (Your name) practically shouted, peering over Jack's shoulder. "Sh (your name)," Jack reached to her, patting her head. '"I'll take care of this for you," he spoke quietly and soothingly. "Nya," (your name) mumbled, feeling his fingers rake through her hair.

Jack would have chuckled, but Jeff was still there. He turned to see the other teen, "I don't think Slender will be happy that you're trying to hurt one of us," Jack stated. "He may even throw you out again."

Jeff stared menacingly, before muttered a few curse words. "I hate cats anyway," he mumbled, before turning around and storming off to his room. 

"I knew that would work," Jack released a quiet, amused laugh.

"Thank you," a quiet voice muttered,  and Jack felt the grip on his back release. He turned around, looking down at the (h/c) haired girl, seeing her (h/c) cat ears twitch nervously. "I-It's okay," Jack nodded, mentally slapping himself for stuttering.

"Hey... Jack?" (Your name) said timidly, putting her hands behind her back, staring up at the male, her mouth curled upwards into an adorable little smile. "Y-Yes?" Jack quickly shoved his mask back downards in order to make sure his now-red cheeks were completely hidden from her. 

"Can I stay with you for the rest of the day? I'm still kind of nervous," she laughed lighty, her hands clutching onto her tail behind her back for some form of protection. "I don't want to lose my tail, " she gulped, moving her eyes to stare at the floor.

"I won't let anything happen to you, or your tail," Jack chuckled, ruffling the neko's hair between her furry ears. "You can stay with me today," he smiled beneath his mask - not that she could see.

"Great!" (Your name)'s bright (e/c) eyes glistened, as she brought the male into a hug. He awkwardly petted her head, mentally sighing of relief that his mask hid his blush well. 

"Did you have anything planned? Any work? I could just follow you around and you could just pretend that I'm not here!" (Your name) grinned entusiastically, letting him go from her hug. 

"No no!" Jack held his hands out. "That's okay! I really didn't have much to do so we can just do whatever really," he shrugged, laughing nervously. "How about a movie?" He asked, now putting his hands behind his back.

'Damn, my hands are shaking... Is this really such a big deal? GAH! Damn it Jack! Pull yourself together! She's a cat. A CAT. But she's cute... DAMN! Can I seriously handle the whole day with her? God, I don't know. Just keep calm Jack. You're Eyeless Jack, you can do this!' Jack nodded briefly, satisfied with his thoughts. He could do this. Or at least.... He hoped he could do this. 

"A movie?" (Your name) grinned, her small fangs pressing against the inside of her lips. "Nya! That sounds great!" She clasped her hands together, practically bouncing up and down in joy, a long string of 'meow's emitting from her mouth. 

He chuckled, before heading towards his bedroom - where he kept a TV and hundreds of movies. Looking over his shoulder, he grinned devilishy beneath his mask.

"Come on kitty-cat."
What is my life!? I'm too obsessed with creepypasta... Jeff and Jack specifically... I'm sorry that I made Jeff sound like a complete jackass in this. Hey! I said JACKass. xD Oh god... Someone shoot me....
Part 2: [link]
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