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October 16, 2013
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With a grin, [Your Name] tapped the tall, faceless man on the back. He turned, momentarily startled before relaxing at the sigh of her. "Ah, Child," his voice vibrated throughout her mind. "I've-" He suddenly paused, glancing at smile - who lay at the girl's feet, appearing to be already half asleep. "I see that you've befriended Smile."

She giggled, leaning downwards to rake her hand softly across his furry head. Smile tilted his head to the side in pleasure as small sounds of affection emitted from his throat. "Of course I did! Smile is utterly adorable!" She laughed.

The tall male would have rolled his eyes - if he had any. Nevertheless, he simply ignored her statement and changed the subject. "I've sorted out your sleeping arrangements. You'll be in a room that is between Jeff's and another's who is not home at the moment. I think he'll be away another few weeks so I don't think you should waste much time thinking about it."

[Your Name]'s mouth twitched upwards into a goofy smile. "How can I ever thank you!?" She wrapped her arms around Slendy's lower torso in a tight hug. "You've done so much for me!"

"Uhm... Child.... C-Child?"

Looking upwards, the half-wolf only just caught sight of a faint, pink blush running across Slender Man's usually pale cheeks. With an adorable giggle, she released him. He straightened out his suit, his face gradually turning white-ish silver again as he nodded in appreciation.

"No need to thank me," Slender Man waved his hand dismissively. "You are one of us now, child. We're happy to have you here."

With a smile, she thanked him again - but this time without a hug. "Are you sure there is nothing I could do?" She batted her eyes adorably, her furry [hair colour] ears twitching atop her head - causing her to look 2x more sweet.

Slender Man sighed, hanging his head in defeat. "Perhaps you could do me a simple favour? It's nothing much, I promise."

"Of course I will!" She grinned, clasping her hands close to her chest."

"BEN's new game has arrived, yet I'm a bit busy at the moment. I have to inform Zalgo that there is a new 'creepypasta' about. Plus I have errands I need to run. Could you give it to him for me? I'd appreciate it greatly. And yes - I know how he can be. So if he tries something on you, feel free to hurt him - just, don't kill him please. That'd be an unfortunate turn of events."

"Duly noted," she giggled. Reaching into his pocket, Slender Man pulled out a rectangular, cardboard package. Smiling, the girl took the package and slipped it under her arm.  "Which room is h-"

"His room is down the hall and to the left. The door is green, so it's not hard to miss."

"Thanks!" And with that, she'd already took off down the hall, her furry tail swishing behind her as she went.

Smile was asleep on the floor - so he didn't follow her, seen as she was so quiet to escape and hadn't woken him up.

It took a simple matter of seconds to reach her destination. Once she'd arrived at the bright green, wooden door, she brushed her [hair colour] bangs to the side of her face. Lifting her fist, she knocked on the door at a medium volume.

She heard a quiet 'beep', before a voice shouted through the door. "Who is it?"
"Hi, uhm... BEN! It's [Your Name]~!"

Within a matter of seconds, the door opened swiftly to reveal the tunic-clad male. "Hey there little wolfy," he smirked, leaning on the doorframe in a failed attempt to look sexy. "What can I do for you today~?"

She rolled her eyes playfully, yet held out the package to him. "Slendy told me to give you this."

His red eyes lit up and he immediately took it from her grasp. "Aw great! Call of Duty, Black Ops... TWWWOOO!" He grinned, hugging it close to his chest. Carefully, he then tore open the package, slipping out the game for x-box 360, his eyes bright with excitement.

"Do you want to play with me?" He asked, looking upwards, his eyes meeting with the dazzling orbs of [eye colour] that seemed light and happy. "Sure," she grinned - to which the male's smile widened. "This is awesome! Hey, I heard that C.o.D Zombies is like, so much better than the zombies on the first game!" He fist-pumped the air.

He opened the door, pulling her into the room and slamming it closed behind him.


Jeff the killer rolled his eyes. "Tsk. That little pixie is getting more amusement than I am. I'm going have to do something about that..."

FINALLY. I HAVE FINALLY - yes, you heard it - FINALLY UPDATED THIS. ~Cue the claps~ Thank youuu~
Uhm.... But loooool I have no life XD
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