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August 26, 2013
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Masky knocked for a final time, the grey chunk of wood finally pulling open. It creaked slowly, a masked face peeking out cautiously. "Masky?" He spoke quietly, turning his head towards the other masked boy beside you. "And... Foxy, as Jeff stated," he then looked towards you.

"N-No, t-that's not my name," you let out a nervous laugh.

"I figured as much."

"I'm uhm... (Y-Your Name)," you lifted your hand, waving it side to side in a tiny wave.

"This is Jack," Masky cut in. "We're like, the uh... Mask bro's."

"Masky, I am not related to you in any way," Jack sighed. "Nor do I want to be. So, (Your Name)?" He then flicked his head towards you again. "Would you like to come in?"

"Uhm sure!" You spoke with a bright smile, skipping into his room as soon as he budged out of the way to let you in. "But no Masky," he then laughed, pushing the door closed before the other male could get in.

"That's mean!" Masky shouted through the door.

"Well I was the masked one before you were!" Jack then retorted, a small giggle forming in his throat. A loud sigh was released on the other side of the door, until you then heard a low voiced, 'fine', followed by footsteps leading away.

"Right then," Jack gave the door a brief nod, before turning on his heel and facing you. "Eyeless Jack, nice to meet you," he held out a hand.

You took his hand, shaking it quickly. "Hi. I'm just.. uh... (Your Name)."

"Okay. Have you met everybody yet?" Jack withdrew his hand, stuffing it into the pocket of his grey hoodie.

"Uhm, yes. Everybody but the dog I guess," you smiled.

"Smile? Oh he's uhm..." He stopped, looking around his room. "Uh... Where did that damn dog go?"

"H-He's in here?"

"He was in here. He probably escaped out of the window," he sighed.

"Aren't we on a second floor? Wouldn't that uhm... hurt him?" You let out a nervous laugh.

"Well, a normal dog, yes. But Smile isn't exactly a normal dog. He'd be fine. He's probably on the room laughing at me right now."

"Well, he seems like a nice dog," you rolled your eyes sarcastically.

"Well, he usually is. He may be a human eating, demon creature but he's still a dog. All dog's appreciate affection and kindness. You give him that, and he's a friend for life. He's just a bit... How shall I say this...? Uhm... Devilish?"

"Well, that describes a lot, I guess."

"Yes, he's HOLY MOTHER OF-" A large red and black blur slammed into Jack's side, sending him to the floor. You yelped and sprung back, momentarily startled by the whole thing.

"You son of a..." Jack groaned, rolling over onto back with the big heap now on top of his stomach. Now that you could see more than just the blur of the thing, you could now tell that it was a dog. A large red and black dog, but a dog nonetheless. His jaws appeared to be stretched up into a large smile, and the first thought that entered your mind was, 'you obviously belong to Jeff. Quite obviously."

"Where you under my bed?" Jack deadpanned beneath his mask, staring up at the smiling creature who just snuggled down on top of him like nothing had happened. "Of course you where. Stupid, bloody jump scares."

"He's adorable," you finally spoke, a smile stretching out onto your face.

"Are you serious?" Jack snapped his head towards you. "You think this THING is adorable?"

"Yeah! He's adorable!"

"Well, I think that your argument is rendered invalid. But I guess you're entitled to an opinion," Jack sighed. "Could you help me get his fat ass of my stomach please? He shouldn't bite you, I think."

"Uhm, yeah sure!" You fell down onto your knees, slowly extending your hands towards the dog. He flicked his furry head towards you, before sticking his tongue out. "Aww, that's cute-" you were cut off as he moved forwards, dragging his tongue across your cheek. "And gross," you finished.

"At least he likes you," Jack let out what sounded like a strangled gasp. God, the poor guy was probably suffocating. Not to mention he'd probably had the wind knocked out of him upon impact with Smile.

Before doing anything else to help Jack, you quickly - and with a face that clearly read 'yuck', you used the back of your wrist to wipe the saliva off your cheek.

"Now, uhm, come on doggy," you smiled brightly again, wrapping your arms around Smile's stomach. You dragged him off Jack, and the male immediately took in a deep breath of air as soon as he was free.

The dog wiggled out of your grasp. As soon as he was free from your hands, he sat down on the floor beside you, his tail batting the floor rapidly.

"I think that he thinks that you're a dog," Jack panted, pointing his finger limply at the red and black beast known as Smile.

"Well, I'm okay with that," you laughed, standing up. "Here I'll help you up," you held out a hand, gesturing from Jack to take it.

He reached upwards, but just as his fingers were about to brush against yours, Smile started growling. You glanced towards him, noticing that his teeth were bared and his ears were flat against his head - AND, all of this was directed at Jack.

"Bad dog," Jack scolded, his voice muffled by his mask. He reached upwards again, this time his hand connected with yours. You pulled him up, ignoring Smile's growls.

"It looks like you have yourself a new guardian," Jack sighed, taking his hand back from yours once he was stood safely.

Smile ceased his growling as soon as Jack had took a step away from you, happy that you were now 'safe'.

"Well, I think I better go see if Slender Man is finished with my sleeping arrangements," you smiled. "Yes, I guess so," Jack let out a sigh. "Feel free to take Smile with you. Although I have a feeling he'd follow you anyway."

"Well, okay! Come on Smile," you giggled, petting the dog on the head and walking out of the room. "Bye Jack!"

"Bye (Your Name)."

You headed out into the hallways, the black and red dog at your heels. He bounded beside you, rubbing his head up against your leg as you walked.
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