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July 15, 2013
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Author's Note: Hey, don't bitch about this, but I'm writing Masky and Hoodie as brothers. In my eyes, they are brothers. And anyway, it needed to be done for this story. So don't get all 'you-are-stupid-for-writing-this-you-lame-piece-of-crap' because I don't care. Haters gonna hate~ I'mma gonna write~ Also, I'd like to say that I've written Hoodie as a more saddened and depressed guy. Masky is the more happy and hyper one. I thought it would be fun this way.

"Guys? You in here?" Jeff spoke through the hard, wooden door. He balled his hand into a fist, knocking rhythmically exactly three times on the brown surface.

"Guys?" He repeated the process, until finally the door clicked open. It opened about halfway, revealing a male that was just slightly shorter than Jeff. He was wearing a yellow hoodie - the hood drawn up over his head, hiding any hair that he could possibly have on his head. It was hard to tell where his chin ended and where his neck began, for everything was just complete blackness. It was if he didn't have a face at all. However, his eyes were sort of visible. His eyes and mouth seemed as if they were drawn by a red marker, but it was as I said earlier, hard to tell.

His eyes seemed to be just red ovals that were drooped as if he was sad. His mouth was in a permanent frown as he stared at you, a depressing atmosphere floating about him.

"Yes?" He questioned, his head moving side to side as he switched his gaze regularly to either you or Jeff.

"Ah, hey dude!" Jeff let out a chuckled, before placing a hand on your shoulder. "Step aside so we can come in," without giving the other male any time for a response, Jeff had already shoved the poor guy out of the way and dragged you inside.

The room was quite obviously a bedroom for two people. It had bunk beds, one of which had red covers and the other had white. A few random posters were stuck on the walls - most of their edges ripped and tattered. A large circle was painted on the ceiling - the paint seemingly dripping off the top of the room, even though it was not. It was just an illusion that the black paint was dripping down. The circle had what appeared to be a very scratchy cross in the middle, and you couldn't help feel like you've seen this symbol before.

Then, you noticed another male already in the room. Or at least, you think he was male. He wore a zip-up jacket that was the exact same bright yellow of the other male's hoodie. This jacket however had no hood, and it ended as just a simple collar ending just below his jawline.  He wore a clean white mask that had facial features painted onto it - which you noticed actually looked quite feminine. He had brown hair that fell lightly over the mask that hid his face, and his hair went up to about his chin, framing his face perfectly.

He looked up when he heard you and Jeff enter, glancing up at you from a book that he held in his hands. "Hi Jeff," he nodded briefly, before turning to face you. "Hello, who might you be?" He questioned, placing his book beside him, making sure that it stayed open so he wouldn't lose which page he was at. He stood up, and you saw that he was exactly the same height as the one that had answered the door.

"I'm Masky," he spoke again, standing in front of you, holding his hand out for you to take.

"I'm (Your Name)," you smiled, taking his hand and shaking it. Wow, this guy was polite. Quite nice too. "Nice name," he concluded, taking his hand back and letting it hang by his side. "Have you met my brother?" Masky gestured towards the other unknown male, who still seemed to be sulking for no apparent reason.

"Hoodie," the other stated, stepping into place beside Masky, his voice sounding low and depressed.

"Hi Hoodie," you grinned, placing your hands behind you back.
"Hey! Hoodie! We are in the presence of a cute chick! Talk more!" Masky cut in, giving his brother a slight push in the shoulder.

You blushed at his statement, but smiled lightly anyway.

"What do you expect me to say?" Hoodie replied, stuffing his hands into his hoodie pockets as his shoulders slumped. "Well I don't know. Something nice?" Masky placed his hands on his hips.
"You have a nice name," Hoodie nodded briefly.
"That's what I said to her!" Masky gasped, and you were internally laughing. Ah, these two were just plain adorable.

"I apologize on his behalf," Masky sighed, turning to look at you again.
"There's nothing to apologize for!" You giggled.
"I still think he should lighten up or something," he groaned quietly.
"I'm still here you know," Hoodie removed a single hand from his pocket so he could flick Masky on the side of his plastic, white mask.

"Hey! Ouch! That hurt! Mask's do not protect me very well," Masky rubbed the side of his face, whilst Hoodie simply chuckled quietly and put his hand back into his pocket. "Jeez Hoodie. I thought you were my friend," Masky muttered.

"I'm your brother. Brother and friend have two totally different meanings. I am your brother - which means that I'm allowed to torture, embarrass and annoy you," Hoodie replied, his tone of voice making him sound quite sassy as he said that particular sentence.

It was quite obvious that Masky was glaring at Hoodie now - even if you couldn't see his face due to the mask. After a moment or two or Hoodie staring at you, and Masky staring at Hoodie, the masked boy finally turned back to you. "Hey.... Where did Jeff go?"

You spun around, seeing that the black haired male was no where in sight. Oh great... And he claimed that you'd always have him from now on! Urgh! Now he's gone and left you which two complete strangers!

"Ah great..." you muttered. "He was supposed to be introducing me to everyone."

"I can do that!" Masky giggled, winding an arm around your shoulder. "Because Jeff appears to be a jackass, leaving a pretty girl like you to fend for herself in a house with monsters!"

"What are you implying?" Hoodie questioned. "We're not all monsters."
"Oh look at yourself!" Masky sighed irritably. "We're all monsters. Get over it."
"I remember when you used to cry yourself to sleep, whispering to yourself that you weren't a monster," Hoodie replied, and you instantly felt Masky flinch. "I've come to accept it," he whispered back.

"Come on (Your Name)," Masky said quickly. "Who have you not met so far?"

"Uhm... Just... J-J..." You stopped, not quite remembering what the name was. "Ja..."

"Jack?" Masky finished it for you, and you automatically smiled. "Yeah, that's the one. Oh! And I haven't seen the dog yet.... Smile, was it?"

"Yes. Our dog is Smile. But first, I think you should meet Jack!" With a brief nod and a small chuckle, he led you out. Before leaving, you quickly waved goodbye to Hoodie - who surprised you by actually saying more than one word in return, "I'll see you later (Your Name). Have fun."

"Time to see Jack," you could tell Masky was smiling beneath his mask because his voice sounded all light and happy. "You can call him whatever really. Really, he's Eyeless Jack. But we sometimes call him either 'E.J' or just simply 'Jack'. You can call him whatever you want to be honest. He doesn't seem to care. Or maybe he does... He doesn't talk much so it's hard to tell," he rambled on.

"Alright," you smiled, straightening out your clothes.

"His room is just around the corner," Masky spoke, slipping his hand into yours as he pulled you along the corridor, rounded a corner and stopped in front of a reasonably sized grey door. "Oh Jack!" He shouted through the surface, allowing his fist to knock multiple times on the surface.
I'm sorry for making you guys wait so long! But here it is! :iconrunbitchrunplz:
Again, I'm so sorry! :iconawkwardhugplz:

Okay! I need help from you guys! After you meet Jack in the next chapter [you'll also see Smile], the rest of this is going to be a proper story. You'll be able to have sweet little moments with each character [in different chapters of course]. They'll all eventually get their turn. But, who do you want to have a special little moment with FIRST!? Vote in the comments please.

Votes so far [in a tally]

Slender Man: llllllll
Jeff the Killer: llllllllllllll
Eyeless Jack: lllllllllllllllllllllllllll
BEN Drowned: lllllllllll
Masky: lllllllllllll
Hoodie: lllllllll
Smile Dog [Extra]: llllll

And also, please tell me what you think of this. Thank you so much guys!

Again, I do NOT own any of the Creepypasta characters. I don't own you either - unless you want me to. If you do, /holds arms open/ I'll be waiting for you X3

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