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July 8, 2013
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"So...this is my new home..." You mumbled, following closely behind the black-haired male.

The hallways were rather dimly lit, the wallpaper cracking nearing the edges of where they meet. A few portraits were hung on the fading grey walls - although the images were burned and cracked so you couldn't even work out if they were paintings of men or women. A light bulb was hanging from the wall, the golden light flickering on and off every few seconds, causing shadows to roam freely.

Your furry ears cocked up at even the slightest sound that was abnormal in this situation - any sound other than yours and Jeff's breathing, and the slow, clicking sound of your feet hitting the floor with each and every step.

"You doing okay back there?" Jeff turned, concern dripping from his words. "You seem rather spooked..."

"It's just creepy... that's all..." You murmured, encasing your chest in a self-hug as you bounded towards Jeff again, making sure to be close enough to at least feel some of the body heat that radiated off of him.

Your elbow brushed against his every now and then, but both of you ignored it.

"Hehe~ What have we here~?"

Both you and Jeff turned, looking down the hallway you had only just previously came from. You saw nothing, and you could feel your heart pounding in your fragile little chest. You heard a low growl being emitted from Jeff's throat, and it wasn't long until you heard the strange voice yet again.

"You're pretty, you know that?"

Both you and Jeff snapped your head's in the other direction, and you immediately stumbled back into Jeff's chest, with you letting out a yelp at the same time.

A male was stood directly in front of you, his back arched so it was easier for him to stare into your eyes. He was smaller than Jeff - but still larger than you. He had blonde bangs hanging over his face, red demonic eyes that stared deep into your soul and he appeared to be wearing a strange green hat, along with a tunic.

"Of course I'm pretty," Jeff rolled his eyes. "You should know that by no-"
"I wasn't talking to you, you asshat," the new male sighed, annoyed. "I was talking..." He paused, catching your hand in his and lifting it up to his lips. "To you," he finished, before planting a sweet little kiss on the back of your hand.

You blushed, unsure of how to respond. Your ears twitched atop your head, and you tail swished nervously behind you. "I-I-I'm (Y-Your Name)," you stuttered, never once taking your gaze away from the male.

"I'm BEN. And I'm all yours~"

"You ain't having her, you little elf," Jeff sighed and wound an arm protectively around your shoulders. "Nobody wants you."

"Oh, how you wound me!" BEN gasped, hand on his chest in sarcastic hurt. A few choking sounds escaped his throat before his upper lip then curled into a creepy smile. "Hey, anyway... Now that the introductions and my dying-ness-ness is over, I'd like to know why there is a girl in the house."

"Dying...ness...ness?" You repeated, narrowing your eyes. "That's not a word..."
"You're not a word either," he replied.

Feeling generally freaked, you backed away so you were closer to Jeff. Damn, BEN was weird... "Ah... Slender-dude rescued her and then we found out she's homeless so we offered for her to come live with us," Jeff explained your situation quickly, clearly wanting to be away from BEN as quickly as possible.

"Now if you don't mind, we're going to go see the dudes in this house that actually matter," Jeff let out a chuckle, linking his arm with your own and beginning to pull you away from the man dressed in green.

"You're mean!" BEN called, anger rising in his voice, before it disappeared as quickly as it had came. "And by the way! Your little wolfie ears are adorable!"

Before having time to respond to his last comment, Jeff had pushed you into a random room.

Now... where were you?
I FINALLY have the next part out! Gah! It's really been a month that I made you guys wait!? I'm so sorry! Please comment and etc~
I'd love to know where you think you are now in the story~ Oh, where you could you have stumbled dear Reader-chan~?

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LittleAtlantis Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Jeff: o-o
Ben: Bitches love Ben Foxy Deal With It Oshawott swag :rainbowfrog: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: 
Daniellasun2001 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
This sounds like me and my cousin Ashley fighting/arguing

"Nobody wants you." 

"Oh, how you wound me!" BEN gasped, hand on his chest in sarcastic hurt. A few choking sounds escaped his throat before his upper lip then curled into a creepy smile. "Hey, anyway... Now that the introductions and my dying-ness-ness is over, I'd like to know why there is a girl in the house."

Ashley is extremely pale and taller than me but we still talk like 3rd graders...well at least I do..."
Now that the introductions and my dying-ness-ness is over,"
WindTheHendgehog Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Why does Ben yelling "your mean" make me think of jimmy neutrons dad going "your Meaaan I'm glad your extinct"
GlobalVendetta Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
Jeff sighed and wound an arm protectively around your shoulders
ME: *flips jeff over shoulder* STEP BACK MOTHERF*****R DON'T KNOW ME LIKE DATClem Epic face spaz kermit Lee Epic Dance 
ThePokemonz Featured By Owner Edited Aug 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Me: Its Jeff's room probably AKCat-blush (Acchi kocchi)  My Cousin: Probs yes Rape face  Me: The Fuck? Why do u have a raping face? :iconfoxwhaplz: My Cousin: Oh ya' know i have a dirty mind Yami-Evil-Smile  Me: Oooooooookay................ lol Pikachu-lol 
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*reads "Jeff had pushed you into a random room."*......*looks around*.....*sings*shut up and sleep with me come on and sleep with me shut up and sleep wht me come and sleep with me....*looks around and sees Jeff*!!!

Jeff:It's Raping Time~
TrueVenturianGirl Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student Artist
Well I'm getting BEN Since you don't have lost silver or Ticci Toby
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