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June 7, 2013
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Warning: A bit of bad language.

"Oh? You're awake?"

You glanced at the doorway, ears pricked up and alert. There stood a tall man, who was faceless and clad in a formal suit. You stared uneasily at this being, unsure what to make of him. And, how the hell could he talk to you? He had no mouth!

"It's good to see you're well," he said again, but you soon realised that his voice was vibrating throughout your mind. "Y-Yeah," you stuttered.

"(Your Name)?" Jeff patted you on the shoulder. He had sat next to you roughly half an hour ago, no idea why though. "This is Slender Man, but we call him Slendy or Slender. He's the one that patched you up," Jeff's carved 'grin' widened.

"H-Hi Slender Man... And t-thanks," you looked downwards, your face heating up. It was the kindest thing anyone has ever really done for you - save for Jeff claiming that he was here for you.

"It's okay, and I heard your name was (Your Name), right?"
"Yeah, that's me."

Slender walked over to the couch, placing a hand beneath his chin. "You seem a lot better than when I first brought you in. That's good to see. Now, I'd love to know what actually happened to y-"
"I'll tell you later," Jeff cut in, taking a sideways glance at you.

The tall being would have raised an eyebrow - if he had one. "I'm surprised to see that she survived -with YOU in the room."
"HEY! WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?" Jeff whined, glaring at Slender Man.
"Exactly what you think it means."
"Well... there could be multiple reaso-
"Jeff. You're not helping yourself."

Jeff sighed and sank back into the sofa, defeated. "Has anybody else met her yet?" Slender asked, placing a hand on his hip. "While she was still unconscious, Smile and Jack came in. I don't think Smile even noticed her though. Jack did stare at her for a while, and then he said that he had dibs on her kidneys. I told him no though."

"He wants my kidneys?" you asked, raising an eyebrow.
"He wants everybody's kidneys. He's weird like that... No one else has seen her though. Hey, but for all we know, Ben is probably watching us right now."
"W-What!?" You asked, shocked.
"He's creepy like that," Jeff shrugged.
"But no, the rest have not seen her yet Slender, my man."

Slender Man nodded, before looking back at the girl. "You're free to stay here if you wish. This is a house for those who are not welcomed in today's society. You're one of us."

It finally sank into your mind that you were different. All those years you had told yourself that you were human; you were just like everybody else. You were a normal girl.
But no; you're far from that. What normal person has wolf ears and a wolf tail?

You were a freak. You didn't belong with everybody else. You belonged either alone, or with others like you. Now you had a choice. Go far away from here and die alone, or, live it out with a bunch of other guys that knew your pain.

"I-I'd like to...uh..." You thought, as Slender and Jeff watched you intently.
"You should stay," Jeff chirped. "It'd be fun, I promise you. It's always a blast in here."

You smirked lightly, before nodding. "I'd like that very much. Thank you."

"Then it's settled," Slender nodded briefly. "I'll go sort out your sleeping arrangements. Jeff, you better warn her about things," he spoke quickly, before striding out.

You turned your head to see Jeff's serious face, watching sceptically. This was the most serious he could get with that giant smile of his.

"Go ahead.... warn me," you mumbled.

"Alright," Jeff brought his legs onto the sofa, sitting cross-legged and facing you. "First things first, the house itself. It's crazy here. It can make you go insane. If you ever feel nauseous, head straight outside. Don't stay in here if you feel at all sick."

You nodded, waiting for him to continue.

"Second thing. The food. It's shit, no more info needed. Thirdly, the residents. All of us have our own personalities, and seriously, don't get on the wrong side of us. Okay, so first we have Jack. He's quite a cannibal when he wants to be, and don't be surprised if he asks you for his kidneys. Just tell him no and he should go away. If he doesn't, feel free to give him a round-house kick or something. Or bite him in your case. Then there's Ben. He's like a pixie, like seriously. I don't mean his size - I mean his ears. He's quite a bit of a pervert, so be careful around him, okay? He's quite possessive too. Then there's Slender. Watch out for the tendrils on his back, I'm positive that they were made for choking. Eh... Then there's Smile, our dog. He should be alright with you, because no offence, but you smell like a dog."

"Well I guess that it's right anyway..."
"Damn straight. But you can't really help it, and it's actually quite nice."
"Well thanks..."

"Oh yeah, and then there's Masky and Hoodie. I think they're twins. I don't really know... Masky is the more hyper one. He's usually quite nice.... But Hoodie is usually all depressed and stuff. He's always moping around, and I'm SURE he's freaking tsundere. But that's really it..."

"You didn't tell me about yourself," you smirked.
"Can't you figure me out yet?" He asked, chuckling.
"Glad to know. Come on, why don't we go for a walk round the house. You might meet someone if they can be bothered to come out of their rooms."
"Sure," you smiled, standing up with Jeff.
"Great!" He laughed, walking out of the door with you in tow.
YAAY! NEXT PART >:3 Please comment and etc.

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I don't own Slender, Jeff, or any of the other creepypasta monsters.
I don't own you either, unless you want me too :iconiggybrowsplz: Come on, you know you want to /perverted grin/ PFFT I'm joking. Not. /is shot/
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