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June 3, 2013
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Warning: Bad language/Swearing.

Slender Man nudged the crooked door open with his shoulder. He hesitantly stepped inside the large mansion-like house, wary of his surroundings. Everything was quiet. And the silence was what made him worried.

Usually, the inhabitants would hide somewhere when one of them had done something wrong. They all feared Slender Man's wrath, even if they didn't admit it. He was the most powerful of them all, and he was quite strict too.

He looked left, and then right. 'What have they done...?' He thought, and if he had eyes, he would have narrowed them.

Shrugging it off, he carried the unconscious creature in his arms towards the living room. What could he call her at the present moment in time? Maybe she didn't even have a proper name. Then what? What would you call... what she is? She's not human. But she's not a wolf. More like in between. And the term 'werewolf' just doesn't sound right.

He placed her gently down on the sofa, which was surprisingly well-kept. So was most of the house. You'd never know that a bunch of creepy monsters lived there. You'd never, ever know. Not that anyone has ever really seen this house, it's in the middle of the woods for Pete's sake. Only a few people have seen it, told others, and then the mystery of the strange house in the middle of nowhere was created.

He stood still for a moment, debating what to do. Should he leave her and go get bandages - leaving her unguarded in a house full of... weirdo's... Or should he just stay put - and then she may die?

Slender Man decided to take a risk. He turned around, walking into out into the hallway, going to retrieve bandages/medicine, anything he thought would help.

The half-wolf lay on the sofa, breathing steady, eyes closed, whole body weak. She was quite a sight. She had beautiful (h/c) hair that framed her face perfectly, she had long lashes that lay gently upon the top of her smooth (s/c) cheek. She was clad in what seemed like normal clothes - they were ripped and tattered, but still basically normal. Her figure was stunning, and she looked like the perfect picture, lying out on that dark blue sofa.

~Time Skip~

Slender Man tucked everything he had under his arms as he shouldered the living room door open. He'd collected quite a lot of clean bandages, a few painkillers and some anti-bacterial stuff to clean her wounds, a bowl of warm water and a cloth. It would have been hard for a normal person to carry all of these items, but luckily, Slender had tendrils growing out of his back that he could use as substitute arms.

Now all he had to do was sort her out and-

He stood in the doorway, staring at the sofa where he'd left the girl. "Jeff..." He started, his mind sounding throughout the room. He found that his mind was quite a useful and powerful tool, and apparently, he could also use it to communicate.

The black-haired boy snapped his head round at the sound of Slender's dull voice, his smile as large as was inhumanly possible. His hair was jet black, unnatural, yet still correct. It was burned, as was his eyelids. His eyes were wide and lidless, the black pupils dilated and standing out against the rest of the white in his eyes. But his smile was the scariest. It was disgusting, the way it was carved into his cheeks, forcing him into a life with constant smiling. It was way too large to even be called a 'smile'. It was a large, psychopathic grin that could send shivers down the spines of even the toughest of people.

Jeff was sat on the floor, his leg's crossed. He was positioned right in front of the girl's face. Before Slender Man had came back in the room, he was staring at the girl. It wasn't everyday that he found a random girl on the sofa - a cute one at that.

"Please come away from the girl," Slender Man sighed mentally, walking towards the sofa. "You knew she was here?" Jeff would have frowned - if he could.
"I was the one that brought her here," he sat on the arm of the sofa, placing all of the items he had on the coffee table.
"What's up with her ears?" Jeff tilted his head and looking down at the girl. "And her tail?"
"She's half wolf," Slender replied matter-of-factly.

Jeff stared as Slender started to clean up the girl's wounds. "Am I aloud to-"
"You cannot do anything to harm this girl Jeff."
"I was going to say talk to her when she wakes up," he muttered, folding his arms.
"Oh... That, I suppose you can do. Just try not to scare her please, she may be rather jumpy."
"Fair enough," Jeff nodded, sitting in a nearby armchair.

Hours seemed to pass, and eventually Slender Man had finished. He stood up, admiring his work. The girl's body now had a few bandages wrapped around the limbs here and there, and Slender Man was quite proud of how neat it turned out to be.

"Hey, where are the others?" Slender tilted his head towards Jeff.
"Ben is in his room... Jack's out - he took smile with him. I think that Masky and Hoodie... are... somewhere," he let out a nervous laugh.
"Alright. Can I trust you to watch her or not?"
"What are you implying!?" Jeff growled. "Of course it's safe for me to watch her you fucktard!"
"Please refrain from that type of language," Slender Man face-palmed, and then straightened out his suit. "Okay Jeff. I'm going to trust you this time. Don't disappoint me," Slender nodded briefly, before collecting all the now-used items and striding out of the door.

Jeff clicked his tongue, turning to look at the female again. He couldn't help but admire her. Even with furry ears and a tail, she still looked beautiful. He'd be lying if he said that he didn't find the twitching of her ears adorable.

He crossed his leg over the other, burying his hands into the pocket of his white hoodie. "So..." He spoke, glancing around the room. "I'm not sure if you can hear me or anything... So I may just be talking to myself here... that'd be rather awkward..."

No response.

Jeff let out a sigh. "I wonder if you have a name... If not, we could always call you Wolfie. PFFT, aren't I good at thinking of names? We could always call you... I don't know... Sparky? Nah, that's more of a name for a guy dog. Ah, I have no idea."

He face palmed, realising that he was practically talking to himself. "I'm going crazy," he mumbled into his hands.

Hearing a soft patter, he glanced up, almost immediately being licked by his favourite dog. "Smile," his 'grin' widened. Jeff scratched the 'smiling' dog behind the ears, earning an affectionate growl from the beast.

He then heard footsteps, and he looked up to see Jack. Jack was average height was a male of his age, he had brown hair and a mask that covered his face. The mask was a dark blue, with dark, bottomless circles for eyes. A black substance seemed to drip down from the mask, and Jeff concluded that he must have just had a good feast on kidneys. Jack wore a zip-up grey hoodie, and the hoodie had gone black in multiple places - which was obviously blood stains.

Jack stared down at the unconscious form of the girl that was lying on the sofa. Different thoughts clicked in his mind, and he was unsure on what to think. He looked up and gave Jeff a questioning look - not that Jeff could see that, thanks to the mask he wore.  

"Slendy brought her in," Jeff stated calmly.

Eyeless Jack said nothing, but raised his hand and pointed at her ears. "She's a half wolf," Jeff rolled his eyes, thinking Jack was an idiot to have not realised. Although, when Jeff first saw her, he had no idea either. He was a complete hypocrite.

Jack grasped onto the bottom of his mask, pushing it up a few centimetres to reveal his mouth. "What's her name?" He spoke quietly. Jack didn't talk that much, he was quite quiet compared to normal teens his age.

"No idea," Jeff shrugged. "I'm thinking Sparky, Wolfie, or maybe Foxy."
"You can't just give her a name," Jack would have rolled his eyes - if he had any, that was.
"Why not? My names are awesome."

Jack merely shrugged and pushed his mask back down, refusing to talk to Jeff any longer. He leaned over the (h/c) haired girl's form, finger pressed to the part of his mask that was covering his mouth in thought. His face just inches away from the girl's face, he studied her.

After a moment or two, he stood up straight. "I like her," he stated, voice muffled from his mask.
"What? You can't just state that dude! That's weird! You don't know her!" Jeff clenched his fist at the other male, who just completely ignored him.
"And? I still like her," he mumbled. "She seems alright. And I call dibs on her kidneys."

Jeff groaned, face palming. "You can't have her kidneys," he growled into his hands.
"Aww," Jack's shoulder's slumped. "Then I'm going to my room..." He mumbled, turning around, sulking as he walked out.

~Time Skip~

"W-Where am I?"

Jeff snapped his head up at the sound of the weak voice. He glanced at the girl, noticing that she was now in a sitting position. How did he not notice this!? Oh right... He too busy thinking about what Ben and Slender's kid would be like if they ever had one.

The girl saw Jeff, and immediately darted backwards, back pressed against the back of the sofa. He bright (e/c) eyes were wide as she stared at the male in shock, words failing to escape her lips. Her ears were stuck upright and alert, waiting for anymore sense of danger. Her fluffy (h/c) tail was wrapped protectively around the bottom of her legs as some sense of security.

"I-I'm not going to hurt you!" Jeff almost shouted out in panic. "I promise you're safe!"

The female stared at him in disbelief.

"I'm seriously not going to hurt you!" Jeff put his hands up in a 'surrendering' position. The girl slowly relaxed, but still kept her guard up.

"I'm Jeff," he slowly put his hands back down onto his lap, trying not to startle her again. Silence filled the air as they both stared at each other. Just as Jeff was about to speak again, he was interrupted.

"(Your name)..." She mumbled, never taking her dazzling (e/c) eyes away from Jeff.

"At least I don't have to name you now!" Jeff burst out into laughter, and (Your Name) narrowed her eyes. "Where am I?" She repeated, thinking that Jeff was completely mental.

Jeff calmed down, resting his chin in the palm of his hand. "You're at my house. Or rather, mine and a bunch of other guy's house."

"A bunch of other guys?" She asked, titling her head, ears pricked up, eyes bright and curious. "Yeah," Jeff replied. "There's Slender Man, Jack, Ben, Hoodie and Masky, our dog Smile, and then of course there is yours truly," he gestured to himself.

"Where are the others?" She questioned.

"No idea babe," he grinned.
"Don't call me that," she cast a glare his way.
"As you say gorgeous."
"Shut up."
"Anything for you sweet cheeks."

Jeff sat further back in his chair, almost trying to hide in it. (Your Name) was growling, fangs bared. And damn, did she have a few sharp teeth there.

"Sorry," he muttered.

(Your Name) closed her mouth, hiding her razor sharp fangs. "Can I go now?" She asked quietly.
"What?" Jeff asked in disbelief.
"Can I leave now?"
"Where to?"
"Home," she muttered, casting her gaze down to the floor.
"The way you're looking now... It doesn't look like 'home' is a very happy place."
"Who cares?" (Your Name) let out a very fake laugh. "It's still home."

"Well..." Jeff said, almost sadly. "You can't actually leave yet. Slender found you, and he'll probably want to know how you are."

(Your Name) nodded slowly, before she looked down to her body. "Aw damn," she muttered. "Why did he do this.... again?" She said, her voice almost inaudible.
"Who did this to you?" Jeff asked, concerned.
"N-No one!" (Your Name)'s head shot up.
"You're a very bad liar..."
"What's it to you anyway?"
"Tell me."
"No... go away..."
"Tell me now little wolf~"
"Shut up."
"Tell me (Your Name)!!"

"M-My..... my brother," she mumbled, putting her head in her hands.
"W-What!?" Jeff looked generally horrified. "Why!?"
"He hates me.... like... this," she placed a hand on her left ear, tugging it so hard she yelped. It was clear that she hated how she was, but she couldn't help it. It wasn't her fault, but she seemed to think it was.

"Then... why do you want to go back?" Jeff leaned forward in his chair. "It's clear to me that your brother is a complete douche."
"H-Hey! He's my brother! Don't call him that!"
"Why do you stand up for him even though he did... this to you?"

Silence loomed over the whole room, as Jeff stared at (Your Name), and she stared back.

"He's all I've got," she mumbled.
"THAT'S IT!" Jeff stood up abruptly, fist-pumping the air.
"W-What!?" (Your Name) gasped, momentarily startled by his outburst.

The half wolf narrowed her eyes. "Is that supposed to make me feel better?"
"Yes," Jeff laughed. "Yes it is."
Part 2!! YAY!! :iconamericapartyhardplz:

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