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May 22, 2013
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The tall being stalked through the thick trees; reaching out every now and then to shield his blank face from the scratching branches and twigs that snapped backwards and hit him with each step he took.

Everything was blissfully silent - save for the crunching of leaves beneath his shoes, the almost inaudible squeak of mice and the occasional crow squawking out its dreadful, distorted melody.

If he had a mouth, he'd let out a long, defeated sigh. He'd taken this walk not in search of victims - but to escape the beat-up old house that he shared with numerous other outcasts.

There was Jeff, the insane 'human' who couldn't quit smiling. It was hard to tell whether he was human or not, but Slender Man believed him to be. There was also that beastly dog, Smile. Then of course that immature little elf, or pixie, or whatever he was, named Ben. And then there's Jack, Hoodie and Masky.

It was a house for all the misfits, outcasts, 'monsters'. It was the house for those who didn't belong with this worlds society. It was for the creatures of the damned, as some may call it. But it was home, and that's all that mattered.

Slender Man, the tall being of the woods, seemed to be the most mature. He decided to take a break for a while, seeking solace within the serene forest. He was sure that he couldn't stand another moment in that God forsaken house. Why was he forced to live with such... idiots!?

Jeff and Ben wouldn't stop arguing with each other, Smile Dog had completely destroyed one of Slender's favourite suits, Masky and Hoodie were being complete imbeciles and Jack wouldn't stop ranting on about the fact that he hadn't had any 'decent' kidneys in such a long time.

Slender Man shook his head and mentally face palmed. He - being the most mature - decided not to get involved. So here he was now, taking a walk through the woods. The woods were like a second home to him.

He took huge strides, passing the trees quite quickly even though he was only at what he'd call a 'slow pace'. Having tall legs was actually quite an advantage.

As he passed a specific tree - one that was marked with his signature (basically a circle with a cross through it), he mentally smiled. He'd had so much fun in these very woods. So many foolish - or curious - humans who had wandered into his domain.


Slender Man suddenly froze, his head snapping to the right. Everything fell deathly silent as his blank face stared through the dense trees. 'I'm sure I just heard something,' he thought. 

He waited several moments, before straightening out his suit jacket, thinking he must have been mistaken. Slender Man patted out the dust on his jacket, ready to return to his walk.

Just as he was about to take another step, he heard what sounded like a gasp. He froze up again. Something was definitely out there, and not too far either.

'It's probably not human,' Slender concluded in his mind. 'It's too quiet..."

He cautiously started walking towards the direction the sound had came from, attempting to be as quiet as he could. Brushing a few stray twigs away with the back of his hand, he advanced.

He didn't have to walk too far until he came across a tree. It was an ordinary tree, but, it wasn't the tree that made him stop walking and stare in surprise. What shocked him, was the [h/c] haired human that was laying against the tree. He would have laughed at such a foolish human, but he didn't when he saw how strange this 'human' was.

Her [h/c] hair covered the places where a normal human's ears would be, and instead, her ears where atop her head, poking out of her hair and twitching. And they weren't human ears either. They were shaped like some form of dogs, and they were furry too - matching the colour of her hair. He also noticed that she seemed to have a furry tail as well.

Something clicked in Slender Man's mind, and he realised what she was. She was half wolf, half human. A werewolf, if you would like to call it that.

He then also realised that this girl was not awake, and she was badly injured. She was caked in her own blood, and Slender Man even noticed a few bullets that had sank into her flesh. Her eyes were shut, her arms wrapped around her fragile body, wolf ears twitching in her dreams.

Slender Man felt a pang of sympathy in his chest, knowing that she must have been hunted by humans. Anything that the humans did not like, they simply disposed of. It was a cruel world indeed.

He sank down onto his knees beside the injured girl, running his pale fingers across her furry [h/c] ears. He could hear her breathing - quick and heavy, her chest rattling and spasming with each breath she took.

It was quite clear to him that she'd die if she was left out here in this condition. Slender Man found himself arguing with his own thoughts as he tried to come to a decision. He seemed to answer back to himself in his mind, and he placed a hand under his chin.

'Should I take her back with me?
But what if the other's don't like it?
Maybe she'd be good with Smile Dog...
No, they may rip each other to shreds.
But I really can't leave her like this...
Wait... Why do I care so much?'

He shook his head in attempt to clear his thoughts. Leaving this creature in this condition would be completely inhumane. But, Slender Man wasn't even human anyway.

He finally managed to make a decision, and he wound his arms around the girl's fragile form. He slipped one hand beneath her knees and the other behind her back - lifting her in a bridal style lift. Turning around, he began to carry her back home with him, where he'd try his best to treat her wounds.

He just hoped the rest of the guys weren't going to flip... 

A new series for you all to become obsessed with! I'm joking!! Haha, but seriously, I'm WAAY too obsessed with creepypasta now. This series will probably be quite long...
At the end of it, you'll get to pick which character you want to be with.
You can be with any of the following:
> Slender Man
> Jeff the Killer
> Eyless Jack
> BEN drowned
> Hoodie
> Masky

I don't know any other creepypasta's that well... So you're stuck with these guys.

Next part: recklessalbinochibi.deviantart…

EDIT: I'm thinking about adding Laughing Jack...



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Kit-Kit-Ridge Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Im sorry to ask, seeing this question might annoy you, but why discontinue this?
Uhm, it was for multiple reasons, actually.
Firstly, I thought that I had written this in a very bad quality. Looking over my other works, I noticed that the quality of this particular piece was quite bad.
Secondly, I became bored with the whole thing. Just thinking about it seemed to bore me, and I'd prefer it if I could enjoy what I write, instead of feeling as if writing was a chore.
Thirdly, I thought that the idea of a 'Half Wolf Reader' was very unoriginal. Apparently, there are loads of other stories with the same 'half wolf' idea.
Fourthly, I could never find the time, inspiration or motivation to write this.
I'm sorry for discontinuing it, but alas, I cannot help but go with my decision. I hope you understand.
Kit-Kit-Ridge Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Completely understand. I've done the same thing for the same reasons multiple times...
blue730 Mar 10, 2014  New member
Yay! i'm a werewolf!! :D
ghostgirl109 Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me: gouge ur eyes out
slender: I don't have eyes
me:*facepalm* then I will just cut chu
me*cuts of tentacle arms*
slender: b-but
me:nope *leaves*
MiumiEve Feb 22, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm Loving this ^w^
BENartlover Feb 18, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
This is EPIC :D XD I actually espected Slender to say that the guys at house were idiots
MomokaSan2013 Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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