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October 31, 2013
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Play With Me
BEN Drowned x Reader
Story © RecklessAlbinoChibi
BEN Drowned © Jadusable     [Is that right?]
You © Yourself (or BEN, if you want).


A message to QueeniePie10:
Hi! Look, I'm sorry I took so long. And I'm also sorry that I couldn't add in the chubby and depressed parts. I tried to... but it was too hard. I couldn't add it in. But... You can still imagine it, right?

I hope this is okay...


The only warnings are well, just a tiny bit of bad language. 
I kept the bad language to a minimal since somebody complained in the Jeff the Killer x Reader that the language was bad EVEN THOUGH I put warnings at the top TELLING the person that there was bad language.
I mean, jeez.



[Your Name] clicked her tongue as she glanced towards her laptop, the screen illuminating her face in the darkness of her room. She noted down that it was three in the morning, but chose to just roll her eyes and started tapping her fingers on the [favourite colour] keyboard.

She caught a tiny light in the corner of her eye, and when she glanced to the corner of the laptop screen she was overjoyed to see that her Nintendo 64 emulator had finally downloaded. Quickly, she loaded up her documents and found the folder, immediately extracting the files so they were ready to play. She glanced at the download bars again, grinning once she found that the game 'Majora's Mask' was practically just a second away from finishing.

As soon as it was done, she did the same thing that she had did with the N64 emulator to the game. Find it, open it, extract it.

With a smirk, she loaded up the N64's emulator file, a black screen emerging on the screen, the tab labelled 'Nintendo 64 Emulator'. Her cursor clicked on the 'Open ROM' icon at the top of the page, before she selected the Majora's Mask file.

The title screen loaded up, and [Your Name] could almost hear a drum roll. She'd loved this game since she was a kid. And now, after years, she was finally able to play it again on the computer! She didn't even need the Nintendo or the game. It was that good!

Just as she was about to start a new file, a internet page popped up. Confused, she dismissed it as 'just accidently clicking the icon'. The page loaded, revealing Cleverbot. "Hh?" She narrowed her eyes. "That's not my homepage.... My homepage is google..."Just as she was about to close the page again, she saw 'Cleverbot is typing' written down. Deciding to humour it, she waited.

Hello there.

With a shrug, she typed in 'hi'.

Are you sure you want to play with me?

'Play with you with what?'

Majora's Mask.

Confused, and slightly creeped out, she glanced to the bottom of her screen, remembering that the emulator was still open - yet hidden behind the internet page. Before she had time to answer Cleverbot, it had already replied.

It's a haunted game, you know. Not that I DON'T want you to play it. It'd be fun.

'Who are you?' She typed.

Me? You should be asking who YOU are.


You'll find out my name soon enough.

'What do you want?'

You want me to be truthful?


I want you to play Majora's Mask. But I want you to play on MY file.


Because my file is more fun.

'Why is it?'

Because it is. I've recently learned that haunting an emulator is much easier to spread the happiness that through a N64 cartridge. More people download me. More people play. More people die.

'Okay. Who the fuck are you?'

Open up the emulator, [Your Name].


Open up the emulator.


And I said open up the emulator.


Panicking, [Your Name] closed Cleverbot, staring at her desktop background with wide eyes. Cleverbot knew her name. Cleverbot knew what she was doing. What was this? Gulping, she slowly brought the cursor over to the emulator tab, clicking on it to make it visible.

What once had no files, now had a single saved game.


[Your Name] paled, slamming her laptop shut.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no," she mumbled over and over again, shoving the laptop onto a nearby table. Never taking her eyes from the laptop, she crawled into her bed and pulled the covers up so that she was only just peeking out of them.

In one quick movement, she completely covered herself in the covers and dived down into a foetal position on her bed, shivering beneath her blankets. It was in that position that she fell asleep. 


The laptop was pushed open, revealing a simple, dark screen. However, it soon morphed into what looked like some kind of gooey black portal. And a portal it was.

A thin arm reached outwards, resting on the edge of the table. Another arm followed, doing the same. Pretty soon a head started to emerge.

It was like the laptop was giving birth to a person. A grown person.

It was a head of blonde hair, a green hat sat snuggly on the top of the person's head. He pulled himself out of the laptop a little bit further, revealing half of his upper body. He was suspended off the floor, still resting on the table, half out of the laptop.

He looked upwards, his red eyes fixing onto the lump on the bed that clearly hid a person. His mouth twisted into a grin, as he then began to pull himself further out of the laptop.


The only problem was that he didn't realise he was on a table.

"FUCK!" He shouted, tumbling out of the laptop and landing with a crash on the floor. And it was a wooden floor too. Ouch. He landed on his front, his face slamming into the ground forcefully, his arms half under his body in what had been a failed attempt to catch himself. He legs were bent upwards, resting on the table legs.

He stayed silent, trying not to start shouting and swearing.

It was then that he heard a rustle.


[Your Name] pulled the covers away from her face, taking in a deep breath. She released a yawn, sitting up in her bed. She glanced around the dark room, sighing happily to herself when she saw how safe everything seemed. After that fiasco on the laptop, she had been more than crept out. But maybe she was just going crazy.

She mentally told herself to just forget about it.

Just as she was about to lay down again, she caught a glint of red in the corner of her room.

Narrowing her eyes, she leaned forward slightly, wondering if she'd left a plug on and that that was the source of the light. Shrugging, she leaned back and--


It moved.


She momentarily froze.


Then she realised that there was two. And they were eyes.



"Shush," the figure stood up in the dark. "I just came for a little.... visit..."

"WHO ARE YOU!?" The girl screamed, backing up to the headboard of the bed.

"My name is BEN."


[Your Name] could no longer speak. She was in utter shock. And needless to say, she was terrified.


BEN stepped forward, only his eyes and the outline of his body showing clearly. He brought a hand up to his face, starting to rub it for some unknown reason to the girl. "You know," he started. "I hate your floor. I mean, when I came out that laptop I didn't expect to fall flat on my face. I mean, you could have at LEAST put the laptop on the floor for me."

"You came out of my laptop?" She finally spoke, her voice shaking.

"Damn right I did," BEN chuckled. "But it doesn't change the fact that if I decided to come back here after tonight that you're going to have to either keep the laptop closer to ground level, or get carpet. COMFORTABLE AND SOFT carpet."

"C-C-Come back?" She said uneasily.

"Well if you're a fun playmate, then yeah."

"What if I'm not?"

"Then your body will never be found."

She fell silent again, her eyes growing wide. These options sucked. If she wasn't fun, he'd kill her. But if she was, he was going to come back again.

"Now," the male sat on the edge of the bed - causing [Your Name] to back away further. "What to do... what to do..."

"What d-do you w-want to do?" The girl questioned, pulling her legs up to her chest. She figured that she didn't want to die today.

"Truthfully? I'd like to see how much you can bleed..."

"I thought-"

"You thought if you were fun then I wouldn't kill you?" He then laughed. "Bleeding doesn't always kill you~"


"Jeez calm down," he started laughing hysterically. "Wow, you're are GREAT to mess with."

"Hey now look here," [Your Name] growled, her expression darkening. "I do not appreciate being messed with. Doing so will RESULT IN A LAMP CRASHING INTO YOUR FACE."

He giggled, a hand over his face. "Oh my God, don't make me laugh girlie~"


He definitely didn't expect that lamp.


He fell off the bed, his face -once again- slamming into the floor. "OH SHIT THAT HURT!" He shouted, immediately pouncing upwards, cupping his 'injured' face into his hands. "Oh damn it! I think you broke my nose!"

"Serves you right," the girl folded her arms and glared at him.

"Ouch..." He removed his hands from his face, turning to glare at the [Your Name]. "You shouldn't have do-"

"Next time something, a bit more precious to you will be harmed."

BEN gulped, his eyes gliding down to 'the precious' part of his body. Slowly, he crossed one leg over the over, blocking the path to it. "Not anymore you can't."

"Oh I'll find a way."

Unnerved by that, BEN slowly got to his feet and edged away from the bed. "I've changed my mind. Don't play with me. You're mean."

"Fine by me," she snapped, rolling her eyes.

They glared at each other, until BEN turned away, pouting. "I only wanted to play some video games or something... I mean, jeez. I saw that you liked to play games and stuff and I thought a gamer girl would be cool..."

She glanced back up to him, narrowing her eyes. "Hand me my lamp back," she sighed.

He immediately pounced backwards. "NO!"

"I'm not going to hit you with it, jeez. It's too dark in here. I still have no idea what you even look like."

Cautiously, he picked it up from the floor and placed it on the side of the bed. As soon as she picked it up, he got into a stance that would allow him quick movement. "Jeez, BEN, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Well I'm not taking any chances..."

Rolling her eyes, she plugged it back into the socket and clicked it on, turning to face her room's intruder.

She immediately recognised his resemblance to Link, a character from The Legend of Zelda. He even wore a green tunic, complete with white leggings, brown boots and a pointy green hat. The only CLEAR difference seemed to be BEN's unnatural red eyes whilst Link's eyes were blue.

"So you're basically like Link?" She deadpanned, her inner fan girl raging in her mind at how awesome this was.

"Meh," he shrugged. "I guess..."

She tilted her head, looking him up and down. "Actually, I think you may look a little better than Link."

He lit up, a grin stretching out onto his face. "You think?"

"Kinda. I like the eyes," she chuckled. "Red's cool."

He chuckled, sitting on the edge of her bed again. "So, continue what you were saying," she then chuckled, resting her cheek on the palm of her hand.

After hearing that, a noticeable red blush spread out onto his face. "O-Oh... Well... Uhm... Yeah."

"Yeah, what?"

"Gamer girl. Games. PC. Games."

"Form a proper sentence please, BEN."

"I like games. You like games. Eh... Duel play? Multiplayer?"

"So you just want someone to play multiplayer games with?"

"Well yeah and no."

"Why no?"

"I uh... YOU'RE AWESOME," he randomly shouted before getting up off the bed and running back over to the laptop. "See you. I'll be back tomorrow night," he waved, his face a bright red as he strangely crawled through the screen and disappeared.

"Bye bye," she shrugged, knowing that he could still see her and hear her.






It was then that she realised he'd probably been watching her change over the time she had had that laptop.






Uhm, I'm sorry I took so long QueeniePie...



And uhm, I kind of lost the note that we had so I forgot the specifics. I think you mentioned something about containing violence but I couldn't really think of much and this piece of writing is what happened as a result...

Also, as mentioned at the top of the page, I couldn't add in the chubby and depressed part. It was too hard. And I'm ill. I can't think too much because my mind hurts.


I'm so sorry...

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I'm not going to hit you with it, jeez.
Me: .....Maybe...... that is, I might go mafia on you first with a toothbrush.....
2p! Me: Jeez, what's with you and hurting people with toothbrushes? I myself prefer Butcher Knives.
Me: It comes and goes, though I do like pocket knives.......
Ben: .........I'm gonna go now. I don't want to end up dead on the floor.
Both! Me: You have been taught well, young grasshopper.
Random Japan in the distance: STOP MOCKING ME! Jeez......
IGame101 Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"It was then that she realised he'd probably been watching her change over the time she had had that laptop."

god dammit ben dont make me get my lamp
will there be a part 2?
Ask-MistyJay Feb 6, 2014  Student Artist
While i read this i was listening to some slenderman music thing and i was under a blanket.... blankets will save us all... according to EVERY story........
KillersAndClowns Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeeaaaah I'm one of those people who actually think a simple blanket will protect me from shit at night XD. And whenever I wake up at midnight or something and the blanket isn't covering every part of my body  I'm just like :iconzoominplz:
rainbowdashie19 Dec 24, 2013  Student Artist
Was this a oneshot?!?!
rainbowdashie19 Dec 24, 2013  Student Artist was bootiful!
dtkluvhd Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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