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Akise x Male!Reader
Part 3


[Male Name] leaned over the railing of the viewpoint, taking in a deep breath. The new boy, Yukkiteru was stood beside him, seemingly doing the same thing.

Hinata had ran off a couple of minutes ago, sprinting down the steps and further down the path. They could hear her giggles for a good minute after she dissapeared, before there came silence.

Deciding that they should rest a little longer, every one else stood around the viewpoint, staring off at something or other. [Male Name] turned his head to find a pink glare directed straight at him, and he immdediately felt a shiver go down his spine. Ever since he'd exited the school, that girl, Yuno Gasai, would not stop staring.

It wasn't like how you'd stare at your crush. It wasn't like how you'd stare at a sibling for stealing something of yours. That girl's stare held nothing but pure hate. [Male Name] had never felt so hated. He was a popular guy that got on with everyone. So why wasn't Yuno the same?

Turning away from the hateful glare, he looked to Yukki. "You okay, Yukki?" [Male Name] questioned the dazed boy.

The black haired boy turned his head to the taller male, a blush staining his cheeks.. "I-I'm okay, [Your Name]-Chan!" He stuttered, a smile spreading out onto his features. The [hair colour] haired male chuckled, leaning over to ruffle the smaller boy's hair.

"Yo, guys," Kousaka mumbled, cracking his neck. "Shouldn't we run after that crazy girl now? Ahh, Hinata could be ages away."

Mao smiled, nudging his shoulder. "Hinata-Chan would be fine, Ouji-san! She's a strong gi--"

"That may be so," [Male Name] interrupted. "But I think she's been gone long enough. You may or may not remember, but we are in a crime scene. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a little concerned that Hinata now."

"I am too!" Yukkiteru agreed, causing a pink glare to fall upon him. "M-Maybe we should go after her!"

Mao nodded, a smile on her lips. "Then it's settled! We'll go find Hinata-Chan!"

They all turned, beginning to walk down the steps and start heading into the direction that Hinata had ran off into. As [Male Name] fell into step beside Kousaka, he overheard Yuno say, "and then can we go home?"

He felt a little sorry for the young, pink haired female. She had shown up at school in order to see Yukkiteru, but she had ended up being dragged along here. [Male Name] was seriously thinking about offering to take her home, but decided against it, since Yuno appeared to hate [Male Name] for a reason that he didn't quite understand.

They walked for a while, the sun drooping down in the sky. Apparently, nobody had parents that cared enough to make their children be in by dark. At this point, Yuno and Yukki walked on ahead, Kousaka and [Male Name] behind. Mao strayed behind, seemingly watching over the group like a hawk does to its prey. It was an odd aspect that nobody seemed to notice.

It was then that a scratchy sound emitted from Yukkiteru. All eyes glanced to him, watching him drag his cell phone out of his pocket with a surprised expression.

Oddly, Yuno mumbled, "the future has been altered". Intrigued, [Male Name] directed his whole attention to the two. "There's a diary holder nearby!"

[Male Name] furrowed his brows. Why did that sound so familiar? He briefly glanced down to the cell phone that stuck out of his trouser pockets.

"What'll we do, Yuno? Everyone will be dragged into it!" Yukki desperately spoke, his eyes catching [Male Name]'s for a brief second. "C-Crap! Hinata went ahead and now she's all alone!" Yukkiteru flipped open his phone. "This is an emergency! I have to use it!"

"Yukki!" The female argued. "You need to get out of here now, forget about the rest..."

"No!" The boy snapped. "Hinata is my friend now!" As he said that, he begun to tear up. "H-Hinata, a-and Mao, a-and [Male Name!" He then looked down at his phone, only to almost drop it in surprise.

Immediately, Yukki took off running. [Male Name] and Yuno both ran after him quickly, shouting out his name in order to bring him back. Mao and Kousaka followed at a slightly slower pace, but still enough to at least have Yukkiteru in sight.

After about half a minute, Yukkiteru stopped, breathless. "Wait, is that--" he turned to look between the trees of the park. "N-No way--" He stuttered, his voice lowering. Yuno and [Male Name] finally made it to the young boy. "What the Hell?" [Male Name] snapped, only to turn and look at what Yukkiteru was staring horrified at. It was then that he saw an arm. A ripped off, dismembered arm.

"H-Hinata?" [Male Name] muttered.
"T-This can't be!" Yukkiteru backed off.

Growling made them look further into the trees, accompanied by the footsteps of Mao and Kousaka finally reaching them and taking in the horrific sight. They all managed to make out the outline of Hinata's one-armed body, lying quietly in the dirt.

A large, metal-like snout pushed out of a bush, growling emitting from it's entire, body. From what [Male Name] could see, it was a dog with freakishly large jaws and teeth. And metal.

"Not good," Kousaka gasped. "We gotta run if we don't want trouble."

As everybody stared in horror, another voice joined into the conversation. A voice that the young, [hair colour] haired teen recognised straight away. "I can help."

Everyone turned, shocked. [Male Name] on the other hand grinned to himself as he watched a young teen, Akise Aru, emerge from the other line of trees.

"A-Akise-kun!" Mao leapt back, astounded. "When did you--"

"Ever since you guys snuck in the park," Akise flashed her a smile. "Though if you stay here, you'll all going to die," he added, walking straight past them to stand in front of Yukkiteru. "Of course, we're goners if it gets dark. So what to do?" He turned his head to Yukki, a grin lying on his lips. "You're trembling," he noted. "How cute," he brought out his hand, letting his forefinger and gently stroke the young boys cheek.

Unnoticed by the rest of them, Akise gave [Male Name] a brief, sorrow-filled glance before returning to his 'controlling' side. "It's all right. I'm Aru. Akise Aru. You're friend, see?"

[Male Name] absentmindedly looked back to the dogs that were surrounding Hinata's body, confused as to why they weren't all running. As they were all busy with their own conversation, the young teen pulled out his cell phone, glancing down to the words that sprawled across the screen.

'Dogs are surrounding. Someone is bound to be hurt.'

Quietly, he sighed, rolling his eyes. He scrolled down, reading the rest.

'Goodnight, Yuno Gasai.'

"Damn you," [Male Name] muttered. "I'm going to have to step in here. Stupid Deus. Stupid everything."

"But first we need to run," Akise cut [Male Name]'s thoughts off.  The dogs, appearing to have finally noticed the group started to advance. "There's an observation deck over there. We'll be running there," Akise stated, calm as ever. It was then that the white haired male took off running, grabbing Yukkiteru and pulling him along.

Yuno ran after, and [Male Name] kept his sights focused on the pink haired girl. She was the one that he had to watch out for now, given Deus' instructions.

Kousaka and Mao sprinted, almost overtaking Akise and Yukkiteru. Yuno desperately grabbed out for Yukki's hand, but it kept failing as she grasped nothing but air.

"Save your squabbling for later!" Akise seemed to sigh as he was running.

Yukkiteru started screaming, which threw off [Male Name]'s focus a little. It was hard to concentrate on someone who was running so fast.

They finally made it to the observation deck's large doors. Kousaka was the first to reach it, yanking it open and shoving Mao inside. Akise pushed Yukki in to, and as soon as the boy was out of the way, he turned to [Male Name] and Yuno. "[Male Name]! Quickly--"

[Male Name] caught the sight of fur out of the corner of his eye. Jaws opening and closing like pacman, one of the dogs leapt at Yuno, who was doing nothing more than glare daggers at the beast and try and back into the building.

He knew for sure that the dog was going for her neck. Yuno seemed to think that a bite wouldn't be fatal, so she stood her ground.

[Male Name] felt his phone buzz in his pocket, signalising that he had little time to react. As soon as the vibrations of the cell finished, [Male Name] pushed Yuno out of the way, holding his arm in front of his face.

The dog clamped down onto [Male Name]'s arm, blood already squirting out in an insane manner. His [eye colour] eyes widened in shock, screams unable to make their way out of his mouth.

Confirming his suspicions, the dog opened its mouth back up again. This meant that it was after him. Good going, Deus. Thanks.

As soon as [Male Name] was out of the dog's jaws, he felt a strong arm being wrapped around his waist and yanking him into the observatory. The doors slammed shut, and immediately Akise was at the boy's side.

The pain finally started to work its way into the gaping wound in his arm. The dog was wearing some strange device that made the teeth sharp-like, and needless to say, [Male Name]'s arm was covered in blood and open flesh. With a sharp gasp, [Male Name] crumped his body and clamped his other hand around the arm, blood seeping out of his finger tips.

"W-Why would you do that!?" Akise snapped, his crimson eyes widened as he stared at the gaping wound. "That's not how this was supposed to go--"

"I-I'm fine," [Male Name] choked out, a cocky grin on his lips, although his jaw seemed to be quivering from the pain. "I-Is Yuno okay?"

They all turned to Yuno, who was staring in shock at the teen. But her shock faded into a look of hate. "Why did you save me, idiot? I was fine."

[Male Name] barked out a laugh, slumping down against one of the walls, his back sliding down to the floor. His face was going pale, and this worried the others greatly.

"[M-Male Name]!" Yukkiteru stuttered, stepping forward, although Akise pushed him back.

"Don't touch him," Akise looked back to his best friend with a pained look. "[Male Name] is stubborn, he'll be okay."

Everybody turned their attention to the dogs that were piling up against the windows.

"W-We'll be safe in here!" Mao reassured.

"Relax, Yukkiteru," Akise turned to the young boy. "We're all going to be okay. But look, I've been investigating you for the past few days, since it is my dream to become a detective. So, are you interested in me now?"

[Male Name] interrupted, chuckling. "Sure, you go play boy-detective."

Ignoring [Male Name]'s comment, Akise continued. "All right, I'll continue. The serial attacker. The school explosion. The Sacred Eye incident. I sniffed around a little, and it turns out that you were involved in all of them. My sixth sense tells me that you are hiding a big secret."

Yukkiteru gulped, looking down to the floor.

"No, no, you got it wrong," Akise laughed. "I'm not saying you're doint anything bad. I mean look," he stopped, pointing to the dogs who were scrabbling to get in. Upon looking, Yukkiteru tripped over his own feet and landed on the floor with a thud.

"It looks to me like you're the prey," Akise smiled. "So I was worried you might be involved in another incident."

"Are you really his friend?" Yuno stepped in, a sickeningly sweet smile on her lips. "Yukki, think about it a little. The one controlling those dogs must be nearby. Or it could even be one of us here."

They all turned to look at her.

"It might be her," Yuno pointed to Mao. "Or him," now Kousaka. "Him," she pointed to [Male Name]. "Or... him," her finger finished at Akise. "He raises the most suspicion."

"Hey-- The dogs are getting in!" Kousaka interrupted her. Now, all attention was on the windows.

"You've got to be kidding!" [Male Name] snapped from his seated position on the floor. "What are we supposed to do!?"

"This is bad," Akise mumbled. "If they come all at once..."

"And we don't know which places to block!" Mao responded.

"Hey-- You guys," [Male Name] muttered, making everyone look at him. "  I- You--" He then sighed, holding his arm. "I'm not in much condition to d-do anything... I'm bleeding out."

"We'll get you help when we're out--" Akise responded, only for [Male Name] to interrupt.

"No. You guys go. I'll stay here. I can distract them for you." As he said that, he removed the pressure from his bleeding arm and pulled his phone out of his pocket. His eyes glanced at the words.

'Yuno was saved, although I got into a bit of a scrape. No one else dies today.'

Yukkiteru pulled out his phone and snapped it open. He looked like he was about to say something, but Yuno cut him off. "We'll let them distract us while we run, Yukki. See? Even [Male Name] is okay with it. I don't trust these guys anyway."

Akise, Mao and Kousaka all stared at her, horrified.

"No wait--" Yukki started, but was cut off as Kousaka slammed his body against a window, preventing a dog from entering. Mao braced herself against one too, and managed to keep it steady as beast slammed into it.

It was then that Yukkiteru started barking out commands - windows to hold back. Kousaka objected at first, but complied anyway - just in time too, since a dog was close to breaking it. "Are you serious?" Kousaka had whispered and Yukkiteru continued in his command giving.

Dog after dog slammed against the windows, and Mao, Akise and Kousaka held them steady. Yukkiteru was command giving, whilst Yuno just stood there with a bored look. [Male Name] sat there, useless as the energy was being sapped out of his body, much like his blood.

At one point, there wasn't enough people to hold back the dogs, and [Male Name] had pushed himself off the wall and slammed his back against the window, which luckily kept the beast out - but seemed to harm the teen even more.

But after a while, the dogs appeared to have given up and left.

Everybody watched, releasing a big breath of air as the dogs scrambled away.

"We're saved?" Yukkiteru whispered, his tone happy and light.

"ALL RIGHT!" Kousaka belted out, accidently kicking [Male Name] in the leg. As soon as they heard the soft grunt of pain, everyone turned to see that the young teen was sprawled out on the floor, his eyes squeezed shut.

"Oh crap--" Kousaka leapt back. "S-Sorry, I didn't mean to kick you--"

Akise knelt down beside [Male Name], his brow furrowed. "[M-Male Name]?" He asked quietly, pressing his hand onto the boy's chest. "Are you--"

"I'm still here," [Male Name] muttered. His face was beyond what would be described as 'pale'. He looked terrible. His eyes were circled with dark frames, his whole arm and chest and covered in his own blood, and his chest was heaving up and down in deep breaths. "You see? This is why I don't have a dog," he joked, but coughed soon after. "Jeez, how much blood have I lost?"

"A-All of it?" Kousaka said from where he was stood. "There's a lot here, bro.."

"No one dies," [Male Name] said out of the blue, his eyes still squeezed tightly shut. "It's okay guys. No one dies." 

So guys. This is kind of episode 8 of Mirai Nikki. Although, a LOT has changed from the episode. You may even find out a little more about the mysterious [Male Name]~ Honhonhon~

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