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Hey guys!! So I'm in desperate need of points. Obviously, I'm not going to ask you to just GIVE me these points. In exchange for the points that you give me, I'll write you something. You can see my commission page here:


Thanks a lot people~!

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Play games with me?

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 9:58 AM
I'm so sorry that I don't come on very often!
I'm only here briefly though, so I don't have the chance to update nor reply to any of y'all. 
I just wanted to really quickly ask if anyone wants to play Minecraft with me? Or Gmod, actually. 
But the thing is, I just bought the proper version [rather than my old 'cracked' version], and I'm dying to play with someone. Probably on survival or something. It'd be fun, promise~ 
But now, I have to go, so--
Bye bye!
I'll try and come back soon to reply to the RPs and things, but as of right now, I have to get off the computer! Damn it ;-; 
I'm so sorry!

You Guys Should Really Come Join Me On Chatzy

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 12, 2015, 9:47 AM

No rules, really. 
Except no being offensive and mean.
Because like that should generally be a rule of life
You should know by now to be nice. 

But seriously-

You can join as anything you want - be it a random name, be it a character from a series/anime/whatever, I don't really care. 

But you should join, because it'll be fun~ 

Ignore the links down below because I use none of them
You'll be redirected to le homepage

Why is it that the one time I actually come back to DA, there's like nobody online?

A Wild Ryuu Appeared

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 12, 2015, 8:51 AM
Journal skin created by ~Ashley44598x

Player used one Pokeball. 
Ryuu was caught!
Player used revive on that Ryuu because like Ryuu hasn't been online for ages and is probably in need of a revive

No but seriously. 
I've been gone for so long. 
Sorry guys. 

Hey guys! T'is me, Ryuu! Smile 

I understand that I've been absent for a really long time. I'm not going to bore you with my reasoning, so don't worry 'bout it. I just wanted to say that I should be online a lot more now~

Holy shit though, there is so many damn messages. 
Like guys. 
Calm down.
I'm going to have to spend like half an hour reading everything.
But that's okay, because I love reading your comments. They're always so nice, and you've no idea how happy they make me feel~ 
I could just hug the life out of all of you~ Hug 3# Hug Hug 2# 

Anyway, I'm super glad to be back~ 

And while I'm back, I just want to let you guys know that you're all awesome and I love you guys very, very much~ I'm always willing to talk to you about anything and everything, and I'm always here for you when you need it~ 
Even if you're that one person who knows who I am, yet never actually speaks to me. 
I'm willing to talk to all of you. As soon as you hit that 'watch' button, you became a friend to me. 
Actually, screw that. 
Even if you don't watch me, I want you to know that you can still come and talk to me. 
I want you all to promise that if you ever have any problems, or you need someone to talk to, or something or other, then I want you to promise that you'll not hesitate to come talk to me. 
I'll stay up all night for you if it means that there's a possibility I can help you.
You all mean something to me. 
All of you.

And now, that's me out~ 
Later y'all~ Eye of the Tiger Hug Dean Flirt Icon #3 - Dance Dean, dance! (Harlem Shake) 

WARNING: Swearing

This wasn't actually finished. So it's super short. And doesn't really have an ending. Sorry. Also it's late by 6 days. Lel.

The guild was loud and cheerful, though that should have honestly been expected. Especially at this time of year. It was a day that brought everybody together; trivial fights between friends were forgotten, grudges were dropped, and everybody was just happy. The entire guild was full to the brim with smiles and laughter, though despite this, Fairy Tail was always going to be itself. Sure, there were smiles and cheers, but nobody can stop their boisterous actions. This was Fairy Tail, after all. They wouldn't change for no one, nor thing. 

"Damn it, Gray! Get off me!" Ah, here we see [Male Name]. The [hair colour] haired male protested wildly as a certain Ice Wizard attempted for the billionth time to shove a pair of reindeer antlers onto the young man's head. "Gray! I don't want it! Who the fuck do you think I am? Rudolph!?"

"I was thinking more of Dancer or Prancer," Gray choked back his laughter as he pushed [Male Name] down, trying his best to stop him from squirming. "You're going to be our reindeer, deal with it!"

[Male Name] kicked and lashed out as much as he could, but Gray somehow managed to keep him down. After quite a moment of the struggle, Gray finally managed to shove the antlers onto [Male Name]'s head, and then hold his arms down afterwards to keep him from taking them off. "Ahah! I'll name you Prancer!"

But then, before [Male Name] could shout out a bunch of profanities, Natsu slammed down to his knees and grinned down and [Male Name]. "Nah, man! He's gotta be our Blitzen! Blitzen sounds awesome! Best reindeer! So much cooler than 'Prancer'!"

And then, Erza was leaning down. "I think he makes a good Comet, right?" She put her hands on her hips, laughing lightly as a small golden bell on her santa hat jingled. It wasn't long for Lucy to be stood beside her, giggling at [Male Name] with a little pink dusting her cheeks. "D'aaaw, he's adorable! I vote Cupid!"

"He's Prancer! There's no room for discussion!" Gray kept the male down, grinning wildly all the while. 

"Let me go!" [Male Name] yelped out, trying to wriggle away from the male that restrained him. "I'm no fucking reindeer! Let me go before I jam an antler into your throat!"

It was then that a deeper voice joined the conversation. "Is Prancer being a bad reindeer? Do we have to put him down?" They all turned their heads to see a chuckling Laxus. "Be a good boy, Prancer, and they we'll feed you some oats. Would you like that?" 

"LAXUS DREYAR, I'M GOING TO PUT YOUR HEAD ON A SPIKE," [Male Name] kicked and screamed, but Gray didn't seem like he was about to let him free anytime soon. "Prancer, calm down, boy. We need to put the collar on and get you ready for flight!" 

"WHAT!?" [Male Name] was practically screaming by now as he watched with horror whilst Gray was being handed a red collar that was decorated with golden bells from Gajeel. 

"Geehee, it's so cruel that it's just fun," the Iron Dragon Slayer choked back a laugh, his grin wide and uninviting. "Hurry up and put the collar on him!" 

Whilst Gray fought against [Male Name] to put the collar on him, the entire guild watched with interest. Some were even suggesting more things to put onto the struggling male, though their requests were denied rather quickly by Erza. And nobody messes with Erza. 

Once the collar had been attached to [Male Name]'s neck, Gray grinned in triumph. "Ahah! Look at him! He makes a fine reindeer! Welcome to the family, Prancer!" 

Before [Male Name] could scream bloody murder, Master Makarov was bouncing down off the counter and laughing at the poor [hair colour] haired male. "Never had I thought there'd be a reindeer in my guild! Alzack, Bisca, no hunting!" That last remark caused quite a few chuckles to run through the guild. The old man then pointed at [Male Name], cackling all the while. "[Male Name]! It is guild law that you're not allowed to remove those antlers until next year!"

"WHAT!?" Ah. There it is. Here we have a wild reindeer, screaming and kicking. He needs to be tamed in order to make him a decent house pet. 

Well. This was quite the Christmas. 
Fairy Tail x Male!Reader [Late Christmas Oneshot]
This is so late ohmygod. 
I'm so sorry.
And it's not even finished.
I just wanted it up before next year arrived. 
So I just gave up like 'lel this is all you're getting'.

Merry Late Christmas guys. 

Also, I'm sorry that I haven't been replying to messages or anything-
I literally only had time to quickly post this to DA and that's it. I wrote this on Christmas Eve, but never got around to finishing it. So I just decided to post what I had and then hightail it out of here before my mom rips my head off. 
So bye guys~

Play games with me?

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 9:58 AM
I'm so sorry that I don't come on very often!
I'm only here briefly though, so I don't have the chance to update nor reply to any of y'all. 
I just wanted to really quickly ask if anyone wants to play Minecraft with me? Or Gmod, actually. 
But the thing is, I just bought the proper version [rather than my old 'cracked' version], and I'm dying to play with someone. Probably on survival or something. It'd be fun, promise~ 
But now, I have to go, so--
Bye bye!
I'll try and come back soon to reply to the RPs and things, but as of right now, I have to get off the computer! Damn it ;-; 
I'm so sorry!


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United Kingdom
BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designSpanish lang3 by Faeth-design:thumb342101213:JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp

//The beautiful icon was made by the amazing :iconrukaria:

Welcome to my page, my good sir/madam. I am known in the internet world as Ryuu, so I hope you will stick to that name, and that name only.
I love to write, although I'm such a lazy little git. I apologize that I do not update things enough, I am truly sorry. Perhaps you could forgive me? I'm very lazy when it comes to anything really. Except games. Whilst I'm on the computer, I get distracted from my writing and switch over to Minecraft, The Crooked Man, Misao or another game. I do love those games.
I live in England - or the United Bloody Kingdom, in Arthur Kirkland's words. :iconyayenglandplz:
That is all. Good day. *fixes top hat* You may take your leave. Unless you'd like to stay for a spot of tea and some scones?
PFFT. I don't really have that much of a British accent. Nor am I that polite. If you get to know me, you'll find out that I'm the craziest little person you've ever met. You'll find that I have an extremely dirty mind, and I will constantly tease you. But you will know, that I will always welcome you to be my friend, and once you're in, you're never leaving. I'll never let go of my friends. I love all of you -- even my watchers. I love absolutely every one of you. I'll always be here for you to vent your anger out on, I'll be a shoulder to cry on, and I'll always be the friend that you need.
I love you guys.

Here are my awesome best friends, whom I love with all my heart [even if I only know a few of them in real life].
TheOneAndOnly-K - My first friend here on DA, and I know my internet life would be unbearable without her. I love you, K-san TT.TT
ImaginingComa - She is the France to my BTT. She is the Sebastian to my Grell. She's my-- Well, you get the idea. I love you Taiyou/France~! //Even if you're not really French.
waysest - She's the Spain to my BTT. She's the amazing, Melissa/Antonio~ I love you so much you sexy Spanish bastard TT.TT //even if you're not really Spanish.
kinddertoten97 - The awesome Rein-Chan. Do I really need to say more? You're awesomeness is too much for the world, Rein. Too much for them to handle.
MeowLiam - The one and only MeowLiam. You're amazing, and I absolutely LOVE our conversations! I may be a little bitch when it comes to replying because I'm so lazy, but don't forget I still think you're awesome :3
Frou-Frou-chan - She's so talented! You're awesome bro~ I consider you one of my best friends in DA~!
ClockworkScara - Yo. Yo dude. /whispers/ Cyboooooorg poooony---

Here is my DA family. I love all of you, too.
My sisters:
> TheOneAndOnly-K > ShilohShadowtail
> WolfWarrior172 > DtKfan1
> firefirewolf123 > Frou-Frou-chan
> megurun > Rrbzrulez
My Brothers:
> ScarfCladHipster > NadjaGreen
My Cousins:
> BadTouchTrioMiyazaki > M-arriott
> RememberTheLost13 > sandtanukikunoichi
> lilly92701 > Kawaii-chan13
My Aunts/Uncles/Nieces/Nephews:
> Wubble-Chan
> SaeLinLee
That one weird lady in the corner of the attic [she gets her own category XD]:
> OhSnappitySnap
The crazy neighbours:
> Username353
The two cats and the fox:
> S-adie
> ShadowAngelBlood
> Lunatheninjafox2

As you can see, I have quite a big family. I feel so loved in our little/big community!

And now, just to spruce up my page a little, you can have some adorable Hetalia mochi's. These are all my favourite Hetalia characters.

:thumb371189035::thumb371570228::thumb370157632::thumb374617034:Free Switzerland mochi avatar by megumimaruidesuFree Romano mochi avatar by HetaliaMoldova

... And also this little shit My GIF maker is lost... by TheOneAndOnly-K [whom is a fabulous mofo].

I must apologize for being such a sarcastic twat. I don't mean most of the mean things I say. I cant help how much of a dipshit I am.
It's a way of life~

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