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The Sweet Spot
Anime/Fandom: Fairy Tail
Various Fairy Tail x Male!Reader
Fairy Tail and its characters © WhoEverCreatedItI'mTooLazyToGoogle
This story © RecklessAlbinoChibi 
The Ever-So-Sexy Male!Reader © Yourself, or whoever you want

Warnings: Contains very mild sexual references and some swearing. 
Characters involved: Gray, Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Gajeel and Laxus.
I think there's more of an element of Laxus x Male!Reader, though all of them do get a pretty decent chance.

There were various different conversation topics that were considered 'off-limits' when talking to friends. These topics usually differ between different friend groups, but they're usually quite similar none the less. This particular conversation topic was often deemed too embarrassing to talk about with friends, but that never stopped the people who were all stuffed onto one table in the Fairy Tail guild. And what is this topic, might you ask? Listen, and you're sure to find out. 

A pink-headed male by the name of Natsu poked his rival/friends shoulder. "A sweet spot on your back? That's odd, though. Mine's on my neck," he sounded so oddly innocent, despite the true nature of his conversation. 

"It's not that odd," Gray responded, hunching over and resting his chin in his hands. "What's odd is the damn sound you make when someone so much as touches your neck. It's like this weird squeal, and it's really loud." 

Lucy elbowed her way into the conversation, her cheeks dusted pink. Why she chose to get into a sensitive topic such as this, she'd never know. "My sweet spot is on my stomach!"

"Stomach?" And now we welcome Erza, who spoke up from beside a young male that had [hair colour] hair. "That's a very odd place. Not many people have one there, I think. Both of my thighs are my sweet spots."

Gajeel slammed his fist down on the table, gaining their attention. "You're talking about sweet spots? My neck." 

"Ah, mine too!" Natsu grinned. "Maybe it's a Dragon Slayer thing," as the sentence left his mouth, he twisted his head to see a certain Lightning Wizard making his way down the stairs. He'd apparently heard their conversation, and had gained an interest. Laxus stood behind [Male Name] at the table, towering over the teen's form, but not really paying him any attention. Why should he? [Male Name] was too busy boredly tracing circles onto the table. This topic wasn't his cup of tea, eh? "Sweet spot on the neck?" Laxus looked down at Natsu and Gajeel, who waited on his response. "Same with me." 

"So it is a Dragon Slayer thing!" Natsu folded his arms, a permanent grin on his lips. He turned his head towards the one person who was at the table, but who was not speaking. "Hey, [Male Name]? Where's your sweet spot?" 

[Male Name] glanced up to him with bored eyes. "Don't know," he stated simply. Bad choice, really. That was probably the worst response ever, and which was most certainly followed with- "What!? You don't know!?" 

"No one has ever found it," the [hair colour] haired man shrugged. "I've never found it either, so, yeah." 

And just like that, 6 pairs of eyes settled onto his form, all with a devilish gaze. Just who would be the one to find it, eh? [Male Name] quickly noticed their hungry looks, and was faster than lightning in getting up from the table, sprinting past a cute little Water Mage and disappearing out the door. That didn't mean they'd leave him alone though. Not at all. 


[Male Name] happily made his way into his guild, a smile on his lips. He stood tall and proud, similar to how he usually looked on the mornings. Despite being such a heavy sleeper, he always somehow managed to get up, get dressed into something quite fashionable, and make his way to the guild. Perhaps he'd take a job today? He was feeling rather good about himself- He hadn't seen a single person from the guild since last night, and the whole memory of what took place yesterday had been forgotten. 

Clicking his tongue, [Male Name] pushed open the doors, sauntering into the guild with a grin. He was completely unaware to various couple of eyes that lingered on his form as he strode up to the Job Board; completely oblivious to their stares. Gray was stood by the board, and offered the teen a playful smirk. "Good morning, [Male Name]," he leaned against the side of the board, watching with mild interest as [Male Name] glanced to the pinned up pieces of paper. 

"Aaay, Gray. How are you doing this fine morning?" [Male Name] grinned at the Ice Wizard, who simply shrugged in response -  a simple, yet effective way to say, 'yes, I'm fine. I'm bored, but I'm fine.' The [eye colour] eyed teen turned back to the board, bending over in the slightest to get a better view of the small prints. Something with a good reward would be good, yes? 

As he carefully eyed the board, he didn't manage to catch sight of the bare arm that slowly edging closer to his back. Without warning, Gray slipped his cold hand up the back of [Male Name]'s shirt, running his hands across his spine. [Male Name] yelped and stepped forward to escape the cold, slamming his face into the Job Board in the process. With a pout, Gray pulled his hand away and muttered, 'damn it, I though for sure that'd be where your sweet spot is'. 

Glaring, [Male Name] turned back to face him. "Trying to find my sweet spot? Damn it Gray- You didn't have to put your freezing fingers up my fucking shirt!" He rubbed his back in attempt to regain some warmth. Continuing to glare, [Male Name] walked away, leaving the Ice Wizard with a sad little pout. 


Sat at the bar, [Male Name] happily talked to Cana about various matters in life. He sipped on his beer, whilst Cana hugged a large barrel with her much smaller arms, her cheeks tinted a little pink from the alcohol intake. It was only 12:00, yet here she was, already finished with 12 barrels of alcohol. 

Mira-Jane smiled and giggled as she warned Cana for the millionth time about getting so drunk, but the brunette simply wouldn't listen. [Male Name] grinned, laughing to himself as he picked up his beer mug again. Seeing movement out of the corner of his eye, he turned to see Gajeel taking a seat next to him with his usual grumpy expression. He was about to wave to the Dragon Slayer, but was stopped as Gajeel simply nodded to acknowledge his existence.

"I heard Gray put his hand up your shirt," he grinned like a feral cat, happily accepted a beer that was placed in front of him by the lovely Mira-Jane Strauss. [Male Name]'s cheeks went pink from how bluntly it was put, and he turned away with a pout, taking a sip of his drink. "The pervert wanted to find something stupid," he stated simply.

"Sweet spot? Gee-Hee~" Gajeel giggled, amused. "He's quite hung up on the fact that he couldn't find it. He's sad. Gee-Hee~" 

"Sad about not being able to find a damn sweet spot?" [Male Name] narrowed his eyes. "Idiot." 

"You know that you're going to be practically violated by various people for the rest of the day, yeah? Gee-Hee, this is going to be fun." 

"Gajeel. One more word and I will slaughter you." 

"Try it, Pretty Boy." 

[Male Name] narrowed his eyes and pouted, punching Gajeel gently in the arm. He wasn't one for fighting his comrades so recklessly, which Gajeel knew quite well. "What do you want?" He spat. Boy, he could see right through the Dragon Slayer. He didn't just sit down for a friendly chat - no, far from it. Ignoring Gajeel's signature laugh, he sat still and stared the Dragon Slayer dead in the eye. He didn't move a muscle as Gajeel put his hand on [Male Name]'s neck, pressing onto the right side of it with a soft yet forceful push. When [Male Name] made no sound or movement, Gajeel sighed, pouted, and brought his hand back to rest on the bar. So, that's not it either. 

"Fuck, I thought for sure that was it-"

"You, sir, are a dumbass," [Male Name] glared as he stuck up his middle finger, swiveled around on his seat, stood up and walked away. Gajeel turned his head and glared back at him, the pout still on his lips. It was uncharacteristic of him, but nobody paid him any heed. Similarly to Gray, he had so wanted to be the one to find that particular 'spot' of [Male Name] that was oddly pleasurable. Gajeel had very much wanted to hear the sound that [Male Name] would make if someone were to touch that spot.


After the incident with Gajeel, [Male Name] had wandered off to be with another member of the guild. Somebody who wasn't in the group discussing 'sweet spots' was his major choice. And this brings us to now, where we see [Male Name] having a nice chat with Elfman Strauss. Various topics, really. They changed frequently. 

"So, who's the hottest female in the guild then?" [Male Name] cracked a grin and the much taller male, who had blushed in response. 

Elfman rose a fist into the air, and loudly declared, "EVERGREEN IS A MAN." 

Ignoring the offended, feminine gasp in the room, [Male Name] stifled a laugh and buried his head into the table in front of him. Oh, he just knew that was coming. As he was laughing, Elfman slammed his fist down onto the table. "And which do you think is the hottest!?" 

Straightening himself up, [Male Name] choked back a few more giggles, before finally calming down and being able to answer. "I-I'm not sure. They're all pretty cute to be honest. Erza, Lucy, Levy, Bisca, Cana, Mira and Lis-"


And there [Male Name] goes, doubling over in laughter. Elfman had to be one of the best people in the guild. He was hilarious! As he was almost dying due to his laughter, he felt the table vibrate as someone else joined the two. Looking up with teary eyes, [Male Name] howled with laughter as Natsu grinned obliviously at them. 

"Hey, [Male Name], Elfman!"


[Male Name] wasn't even able to respond anymore. Elfman was killing him! He wobbled in his seat, tears streaming down his cheeks as he fell off and landed on his back. As he continued to laugh like a madman, Natsu happily grinned down at him. 'Perfect position,' Natsu thought, already reaching his hands out to the completely unaware [Male Name]. The Salamander quickly pushed his hand up [Male Name]'s shirt, gently rubbing [Male Name]'s smooth stomach. 

The laughing stopped abruptly. 

"Natsu. What the fuck do you think you're doing?"



And what is that? That's [Male Name], pulling Natsu off the bench, kneeing him in the stomach, saying goodbye to Elfman and storming off in a pissy mood. A day of constant violation seemed to do that to a person. Natsu held onto his stomach and rolled around in pain, a pout lying on his lips. He should have probably expected it, really.


Saying that [Male Name] was pissed was an understatement. Even Erza was wary about approaching him. He sat in the corner with an annoyed expression, hatefully glaring at anyone who was to go anywhere near him. Even so, Titania awkwardly sat down beside him, trying her best not to look directly into his hateful eyes. 

"Touch me and I'll rip out your hair, Scarlett." 

Erza smiled reassuringly in attempt to tell him that she wasn't planning on doing anything, but he still seemed wary of her. "We're all just curious as to where it is," she stated simply. "We've been racking our brains and it's really confusing us. I won't touch you, I promise. Not without permission." 

[Male Name] sighed and folded his arms. "Why are you all so curious? I don't understand. Maybe I just don't have one." 

Erza turned her head away, her cheeks glowing a little pink. "I think we're all hoping that you do," she said quietly.

Curious, [Male Name] narrowed her eyes at her. "Why would you hope that? Don't you think you're getting curious about something really lame?" It took a while for him to receive a response, but when he did, his cheeks went a little pink. Erza played with her fingers as she spoke, her armor clinking slightly. "W-We all want to know how you'd react and what kind of noise you'd make."

Sighing, [Male Name] turned his head away. "Go on then, Erza. Try it. See if you can find what Natsu, Gray and Gajeel couldn't." His cheeks were pink. Now that he knew the reason why, he didn't find any point in stopping them completely. It's not as if he knew where his sweet spot was - because he didn't. He was beginning to get slightly curious as well. 

Erza's cheeks matched her hair perfectly. Blazing red hair, blazing red cheeks. He was... Actually allowing her to do it? She awkwardly shifted in her seat, deciding to use this as her one and only chance. She was going to be fair- The other three only got one chance, so she would as well. One chance, one spot. Already knowing the outcome of right side of the neck, his lower back and his stomach, she decided to go with something else. Maybe he had the same as hers? 

She reached out a hand, slowly placing it onto [Male Name]'s upper thigh. He blushed at the contact, waiting for any reaction that might be forced out of him. None had come, so Erza slowly pushed her hand further down his thigh, reaching his knee. Nothing happened. Defeated, Erza pulled her hand away and sulked. 

"I was so looking forward to that..."


[Male Name] had been ambushed quite a lot that day. He awkwardly glanced around the room, looking for the odd few people who he was sure would end up violating him yet again. What's more, is that he didn't even have the energy to shoo them away. He was tired and drained as he sat alone in the guild. It was getting late, and people were starting to clear out. They were going home, which [Male Name] should really be doing. He glanced out of one of the windows, mentally noting down that it was getting dark. 

Sipping at his beer, he boredly watched as a blonde by the name of Lucy sat down opposite him on the table. She smiled happily, chirping out a greeting to him. 

"Hey Lucy," [Male Name] offered her a smile over the rim of his mug. "Here for the same reason as everybody else was today?" 

She blushed in response, but then shrugged. "Well, that's half the reason," she smiled in return. "I am quite curious about it all, but really I wanted to check if you were okay." 

Confused, [Male Name] pursed his lips. Why on Earth would she ask that? "Why? Do you think that there's something wrong?" He tilted his head, narrowing his eyes at the young female. She placed her elbows on the table and rest her chin in the palms of her hands. "You just seem down, that's all. Has the whole 'finding your sweet spot' thing been bothering you? I have to admit, some of them acted quite inappropriately about it. There was no need to do that without your consent."

The young man chuckled and then sighed, amused. "It's annoying, yet also quite hilarious. They're all so desperate to find it, that I really can't help but laugh."

"Of course they're desperate to find it," Lucy smiled uneasily, as if she knew something he didn't. 

Ignoring her statement, [Male Name] leaned back in his chair, lifting the beer mug to his lips again. "Have you felt how cold Gray's hand are?" He mused. "I seriously thought I was going to be frozen for a moment. And Natsu's- Oh my god, I thought I was on fire. Right up my shirt too. Damn."

Lucy giggled, heat rising to her cheeks. "I haven't really noticed. Though I think you crushed Gray's hopes a little though. You should have heard him- He was even asking around to see if anyone could lend him some gloves." 
"Honestly?" [Male Name] cracked a smile. "They're all such idiots." 
"Gajeel too. He was sulking around everywhere. Even Juvia couldn't cheer him up, even though they're old friends. He looks really odd when he's pouting, doesn't he?"
"Erza's been down too. They're all so eager to find your sweet spot, and when they can't, they start sulking around! I don't blame them though. I understand how they feel."

[Male Name] rose an eyebrow at Lucy, brushing a few stray strands of [hair colour] behind his ear. "You understand how they feel, do you? Let me guess. You want to try your luck to find it too, don't you?" An amused smile was evident on his lips as she blushed at his assumption. 

'It's not just that, there's something else,' Lucy thought, though she nodded to keep him off her case. 'I- We- If only you knew.' 
[Male Name] held his arms out to his sides, similar to plane wings. "Go on. You have my permission. Try and find it."
With a blush, Lucy shyly glanced to him, trying to hide her blushing cheeks with her blonde locks. "A-Anywhere?" 
"Anywhere except directly down there- You know what I mean." 

Lucy leaned across the table, her cheeks still tainted pink. If it wasn't anywhere else, perhaps it was his chest? Slowly, she slipped her hand beneath his shirt and pressed it against halfway up his torso. As she steadily moved her hand upwards to his chest, his shirt trailed up, caught on her wrist, giving her a nice 'view'. She bit her lip, running her fingers across the entirety of his chest [which she was describing as amazing within her mind], hoping for a reaction. 

However, none seemed to come.

Defeated, Lucy sighed and pulled her hand away. Sure, it was a great chance to be able to touch that glorious chest of his, but she had wanted to find his sweet spot! And nope, it wasn't there. "Sorry for bothering you," she muttered weakly, pouting as she rose from her seat and stumbled out of the guild, with [Male Name]'s shouts of 'be careful on the way home' in the background. 


[Male Name] was now one of the last people in the guild. Looking around, he could see nobody other than Mira-Jane clearing up at the bar, Freed and Bickslow playing cards at a table at the other side of the room, and Master Makarov sleeping at a chair. Everybody else was gone. 

Or so he had thought. 

As he rose from his chair, pulling on his coat as he readied himself to leave, he felt a presence behind him. He glanced over his shoulder, unnerved to see Laxus grinning at his like a cheshire cat. Boy, was that uncharacteristic of Laxus. 

He should have expected it, honestly. 

Laxus. The guy that had towered over him at the table during yesterday's conversation. The guy that he hadn't seen all day. Of course it was Laxus' that would have been hatching a scheme. Of. Fucking. Course. 

"I know where it is," Laxus smirked, crossing his arms. "I watched your actions all day. I've officially worked it out." 

"Quite creeped out that you've been watching me," [Male Name] backed away nervously. How on Earth did Laxus know? Even [Male Name] didn't! "Laxus. Fucking. Dreyar. You wipe that smirk off your face this instant."

To be honest, [Male Name] was quite unnerved. So what if Laxus did manage to work out where it was? [Male Name] didn't exactly want to witness what would happen! Screw curiosity! 

But alas, Laxus was already reaching out. His big strong arms wrapped around [Male Name]'s waist, pulling him into his chest. [Male Name] let out a yelp, immediately attempting to escape from Laxus' arms, but he appeared to be failing. Epicly. 

Laxus chuckled, grinning down at the smaller male. "You want to know where it is?" He mused. "You want to know where the spot is that will make you turn into a uke in little less then two seconds?"

Laxus' tone made [Male Name] want to curl up into a hole a die. Damn, Laxus was really enjoying this torture. 

Putting on a serious face, [Male Name] glared up at the blonde. "Do it. I dare you." Here comes the challenge that Laxus simply knew he was going to win. Making a face that clearly said 'challenge accepted', Laxus' fingers slowly edged up to [Male Name]'s right side. Not his back. Not his stomach. Not his chest. Not his neck. His side

Pushing up the young man's shirt, Laxus let his hand glide across the flesh. And [Male Name] shuddered. Green eyes connected with a startled [eye colour] gaze. But no, the Lightning Dragon Slayer didn't stop there. No, not at all. He applied a rough yet gentle pressure. He drummed his fingers against [Male Name]'s side. And then- And then he began to simply rub it. 

[Male Name] had to bite his lip to keep in a very, very loud moan. His eyes were wide, as he unintentionally grabbed onto Laxus' shirt, his knees buckling beneath him. Laxus had to keep a tight hold on him, knowing that [Male Name]'s knees had suddenly become too weak to hold up his own weight. Best. Reaction. Ever. But, [Male Name] had kept in most of the sound by biting his tongue and clenching his jaw. Laxus didn't approve of that at all. So he did it again- rough yet gentle rubs all the way from [Male Name]'s hip to the bottom of his ribcage. This time, the sound was loud, and it was sexy

He let out a pleasured moan, gasping as he held more tightly onto Laxus, his cheeks glowing a bright shade of red. He couldn't stop himself. He didn't want to look like such a uke in front of any of friends, but he simply couldn't do anything. Nothing at all. His head told him to pounce away and probably knee Laxus in the stomach, but his body appeared to be saying, 'you stay the fuck here and let the big man caress your side'. 

A feral grin crawled onto Laxus' lips. "Just wait until everybody else hears about this."

And at that very moment, [Male Name] knew that he was probably going to have to wear armor covering his lower torso for the rest of his life. Unless he wanted to have his 'friends' touching that very particular little place
Various Fairy Tail x Male!Reader
What. Did. I. Just. Write. 

So I think it's more of a Laxus x Male!Reader because of the ending. But like- One of them had to find it. I wasn't going to leave it a mystery, pffft. And as I was writing, I forgot that I put Laxus in at the beginning. So I'm like... 'He's like that sneaky one that doesn't show up until the very end because he's fucking sly little bastard.' 

Natsu got owned. Seriously. Like. Bam.

I'm sorry that most of them are all mostly OOC-

Elfman killed me ohmygod XD

Image found on Google.

Y'all know that one spot that makes you do that. Don't even lie. You have one. You know you do. 

But then again I kept getting distracted lel sorry
-rolls away-
I'm really behind on my writing.
Like, I haven't posted anything in like, ages. 

September the 17th, actually. Snk x Male!Reader, Chapter 1. And then before that, it was August the 12th with the Ryuu [OC] x Reader.

I'm really behind, as you can see. 

If I'm to be honest, I simply really lacked the things that are required to write. I lacked motivation and inspiration. Forcing myself to write is not something that I like to do, for two different reason. Firstly, because it simply makes me hate writing. Why should I force me to write something that I feel that I cannot do? If I force myself to write something that I do not want to write, the piece that ends up being created will be, well, simply put, atrocious.


Lately, little things in my life have honestly been inspiring me. I've been getting ideas one after the other. I love that feeling- You feel so creative with yourself. It's great. But I could never bring myself to write them. Simply put... I just couldn't be bothered to sit down and write. 

But here I am now, actually wanting to write something. 

I'm almost finished with watching Fairy Tail now, and I intend to write a simple few oneshots in attempt to get back into the swing of writing. 
The majority of them will probably be Male!Reader, though. 

I'm sorry if you like to read for Fem!Reader's, but I seem to be more comfortable with writing them. I'm not sure why- I'm female, yet I find it easier to write for males. Damn it-


I actually wanted to write one Yuri fic too-
-cough cough- Maybe an Erza x Reader x Lucy -cough cough-

It's not as if I'm against straight pairings-
I'm not. 

I'm actually dying to write a Male!Reader x Fairy Tail Females. 
There. That's straight. 
I simply find it easier to write for a Male!Reader-
I can't help it-
I'm sorry to all of you that prefer female Reader's. My deepest apologies. 

But y'all know that you like using your super sexy male OC's. Right? Riiiiigghhhhhhhht? :iconiggybrowsplz:
And then if you are actually male, it's super easy. Like, lel- Self x Character. Yeaaaaah. 

But to be honest, there isn't very much Fairy Tail x Male Reader-
This is how I shall contribute to the fandom. 

-rolls away-


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((It would be funny but I think Germany would notice her since she's a little ball of loud goofiness! XD! Also, she's stepped on by a lot of other countries. ^^' She doesn't mine though since she's already used to it..... aaaand she's really feakin' short. She's 1 meter and 45 centimeters! XD!))

Portugal: *runs into the room, making the doors burst open* "I'M SORRY FOR BEING LATE." *puts the heels back on, breathing heavily and tries to brush her hair very quickly as she rushes to her seat*
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And also

Germany: /stands abruptly from his chair, slamming his hands down onto the table/ PORTUGAL. YOU'RE LATE-
Ryuu; /slams the door open for the second time after Portugal/
Germany; /now unsure who to shout at, he simply sits down and puts his head in his hands/ Both of you just sit down. 
Ryuu; /saunters to the one left over seat, which just so happens to be beside Portugal, whom he'd never seen nor met before, as he rarely attends World Meetings/
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...Just saying hi.
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How are you?
They were taking blood, weren't they? Did it go okay?
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we can rp in dA messages but I'll need you to resend your last post.
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