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RecklessAlbinoChibi has started a donation pool!
596 / 1,000
Hey guys!! So I'm in desperate need of points. Obviously, I'm not going to ask you to just GIVE me these points. In exchange for the points that you give me, I'll write you something. You can see my commission page here:


Thanks a lot people~!

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Someone is writing this thing and they need insparation
Cue us
So basically we're just RPing as the characters
I think it's a SNK x Reader thing
Join us

> The reader
> Jean Kirstein
> Levi Ackerman

> No yaoi/yuri comments [as stated by the person whom needed the insparation]
> You must stop/go when the person who is called [Name] says so [they're the one writing their fic, so we abide by their rules]


RecklessAlbinoChibi's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designSpanish lang3 by Faeth-designNorwegian Language Level-Beginners by animefan046JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp

//The beautiful icon was made by the amazing :iconkarmikosmic:

Welcome to my page, my good sir/madam. I am known in the internet world as Ryuu, so I hope you will stick to that name, and that name only.
I love to write, although I'm such a lazy little git. I apologize that I do not update things enough, I am truly sorry. Perhaps you could forgive me? I'm very lazy when it comes to anything really. Except games. Whilst I'm on the computer, I get distracted from my writing and switch over to Minecraft, The Crooked Man, Misao or another game. I do love those games.
I live in England - or the United Bloody Kingdom, in Arthur Kirkland's words. :iconyayenglandplz:
That is all. Good day. *fixes top hat* You may take your leave. Unless you'd like to stay for a spot of tea and some scones?
PFFT. I don't really have that much of a British accent. Nor am I that polite. If you get to know me, you'll find out that I'm the craziest little person you've ever met. You'll find that I have an extremely dirty mind, and I will constantly tease you. But you will know, that I will always welcome you to be my friend, and once you're in, you're never leaving. I'll never let go of my friends. I love all of you -- even my watchers. I love absolutely every one of you. I'll always be here for you to vent your anger out on, I'll be a shoulder to cry on, and I'll always be the friend that you need.
I love you guys.

Here are my awesome best friends, whom I love with all my heart [even if I only know a few of them in real life].
TheOneAndOnly-K - My first friend here on DA, and I know my internet life would be unbearable without her. I love you, K-san TT.TT
ImaginingComa - She is the France to my BTT. She is the Sebastian to my Grell. She's my-- Well, you get the idea. I love you Taiyou/France~! //Even if you're not really French.
waysest - She's the Spain to my BTT. She's the amazing, Melissa/Antonio~ I love you so much you sexy Spanish bastard TT.TT //even if you're not really Spanish.
kinddertoten97 - The awesome Rein-Chan. Do I really need to say more? You're awesomeness is too much for the world, Rein. Too much for them to handle.
MeowLiam - The one and only MeowLiam. You're amazing, and I absolutely LOVE our conversations! I may be a little bitch when it comes to replying because I'm so lazy, but don't forget I still think you're awesome :3
Frou-Frou-chan - She's so talented! You're awesome bro~ I consider you one of my best friends in DA~!
ClockworkScara - Yo. Yo dude. /whispers/ Cyboooooorg poooony---

Here is my DA family. I love all of you, too.
My sisters:
> TheOneAndOnly-K > ShilohShadowtail
> WolfWarrior172 > DtKfan1
> firefirewolf123 > Frou-Frou-chan
> megurun > Rrbzrulez
My Brothers:
> ScarfCladHipster > NadjaGreen
My Cousins:
> BadTouchTrioMiyazaki > M-arriott
> RememberTheLost13 > sandtanukikunoichi
> lilly92701 > Kawaii-chan13
My Aunts/Uncles/Nieces/Nephews:
> Wubble-Chan
> SaeLinLee
That one weird lady in the corner of the attic [she gets her own category XD]:
> OhSnappitySnap
The crazy neighbours:
> Username353
The two cats and the fox:
> S-adie
> ShadowAngelBlood
> Lunatheninjafox2

As you can see, I have quite a big family. I feel so loved in our little/big community!

And now, just to spruce up my page a little, you can have some adorable Hetalia mochi's. These are all my favourite Hetalia characters.

Free Norway Mochi Avatar by animefan046Free Iceland Mochi Avatar by animefan046Free Denmark Mochi Avatar by animefan046Free Prussia Mochi Avatar by Neko-Hime15Free Switzerland mochi avatar by megumimaruidesuFree Romano mochi avatar by HetaliaMoldova

... And also this little shit My GIF maker is lost... by TheOneAndOnly-K [whom is a fabulous mofo].

I must apologize for being such a sarcastic twat. I don't mean most of the mean things I say. I cant help how much of a dipshit I am.
It's a way of life~

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